Arika’s Mystery Fighting Game Will Be Playable At EVO 2017

2017 so far has the fighting game community pretty excited at this very moment. However, are you looking for yet another fighting game title? If so, the game by Arika that was presumed to be an April Fools’ Day joke seems to be more legit that you may have thought. The game will now be playable at EVO 2017 starting on July 14th and going through to the 16th.

That’s right, yet another fighting game that looks pretty polished at this moment is in the works by Arika; this information comes from publication site Gematsu. The fighting game, as noted above, was first announced on April Fools’ Day, which had a lot of people discussing among themselves the legitimacy of said fighting game and whether or not if it was a waste of time or if it will become a noteworthy title.

Well, it seems as if the fighting game is not an April Fools’ Day joke and that it’s set to be a real game in that it will be playable at EVO 2017. Additionally, what this means is that if you are headed to EVO 2017 or planning on watching the event via live stream or whatever, you will be able to catch this very new mystery fighting game on July 14th to 16th.

According to the publication site, Arika will showcase the fighting game at this year’s EVO, which will be held in Las Vegas. If you want to read the full notice that explains the above information, the tweet that Arika published via Twitter is up for you to read below.

The publication site also noted that the company will hold a free-play event at its #111 booth on July 14th and 15th, which the event will be used to test a new system in the game called “Gougi”. We also learn from the site that the game will only be playable in Vs. mode, with two players playing per turn, using character such as Hokuto, Kairi, and Garuda.

Instead of wasting your time rambling on about what the event and game will feature, below lies very early gameplay footage showing the game in action.

Lastly, Arika will also setup an online session that is used for collecting feedback on what people think of the mystery fighting game. As noted above, you can learn more about the game by hitting up Arika’s Twitter acount.


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