AtariBox Comes In Two Versions, Supports Classic Games And New Games
Atari Box

Atari announced that the upcoming Atari Box will arrive in two different versions, a classic wood-grained look with a plastic cover on top featuring ridges that hearken back to the old-school days of Atari when the 2600 was king, and a second version that comes in red and black.

Both versions of the Atari Box will come with an HDMI port to plug into your television, along with four USB ports that will presumably be for accessories and peripherals, and maybe extra controllers, and an SD card slot that might be what’s used for games.

There’s a video by the No Swear Gamer who gives gamers a solid rundown of the Atari Box along with a brief look at the images from the press notice that you can check out below.

There isn’t much of a difference between the two different versions, other than that the red and black version doesn’t have the wood grained panel on the front and instead simply has the matte black finish with the red light-up Atari logo over on the right hand corner of the device.

Additionally, the black and red design features a red backpanel on the rear of the console where the HDMI port and USB ports are located.

Atari Box Game Console

Atari Box Game Console

Atari Box Game Console

You’ll also note that there’s an AC adapter port along with a cable modem port for a wired plugin.

According to the press notice, the internal specs are designed for modern day gaming. However, there is no mention as to what modern games they may be referring to. The Atari Box is still a long ways off from release, and they’re gauging feedback and community suggestions before moving forward with production.

Essentially it sounds like an offshoot of Valve’s Steam Box, like a PC in a box but designed more-so for home console play… sort of like what game consoles used to be before they tried imitating PCs.

Something simple and effective for a decent price could most definitely work. A lot of gamers these days just want something fun and entertaining without all the hassles that come with patchwork, DLC, microtransactions and day-one updates. If Atari can bring back some classic gaming the way Nintendo has done with the Switch, then maybe we’ll have a real console war on our hands instead of this multi-way battle between two systems pretending (and failing) to be PCs, a handheld/console hyrbid, and actual computers.

No price or release date have been set yet, but we’ll keep you posted on when Atari plans on rolling out this new home console.


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