Bandai Namco Announces Gundam Versus Western Open Beta

Fancy Gundams? Do you like fighting games too? If you answered yes to both questions, then there’s good news for you in that Bandai Namco announced a playable Open Beta for the West revolving around Gundam Versus. The fighting mecha game is out now for PS4 in Japan and is set to release for PS4 in the West.

Publication site Gematsu has gone up with information detailing what Bandai Namco had announced during its San Diego Comic-Con 2017 fighting games panel. The information that the site covers revolves around the Open Beta for Western fans and pre-order bonuses for those who like to play games with special content.

According to the site, Bandai Namco announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con event that the Open Beta will go live well ahead of its release in the West, the publisher, however, did not provide an exact date for the Open Beta.

Seeing that Gundam Versus is set to release across the West on September 29th for the public to consume, the Open Beta date will obviously go live somewhere between late July through mid-September, so if you are looking to play the game keep your eyes peeled for any info on Gundam Versus Open Beta dates.

If you are into pre-ordering games and like receiving extra bonuses to gain an extra edge on others, whether it is through cosmetics or better gear, Bandai Namco announced that pre-orders for Gundam Versus in the West will include bonus downloadable Mobile Suits, which the content is listed below:

  • ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus
  • GN-005 Gundam Virtue
  • BN-876 Beta Hot Scramble Gundam*

*The last Mobile Suit “BN-876 Beta Hot Scramble Gundam” is pre-order exclusive and will not be sold separately, meaning you can only obtain it through pre-ordering.

Gundam Versus is available right now for PS4 in Japan, which the Western version is set to debut on September 29th.

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