Battlecrew Space Pirates Graduates From Early Access July 10th
Battlecrew Space Pirates

Dontnod Eleven announced that Battlecrew Space Pirates, their 2.5D PvP battle game, will be arriving in full on Steam starting July 10th next week. The title has been in Early Access thus far, but it will be graduating soon.

The developers sent out a press notice, explaining that those who helped them test and develop the game during Early Access will receive a special reward…

“The end of the Steam Early Access marks the end of a significant phase for the studio. During that period, the developers worked with the community to develop the core of the game, using player feedback to create maps, fix balancing and prioritize new features, a support for which the team is very grateful.”

Surprisingly there was no new launch trailer to accompany the news, but over on the official Steam community page they announced that there will be a free version of Battlecrew Space Pirates, and they’re excited because this means more players will join in on the action. I wonder how the players feel who paid for the Early Access version of the game?

As a bonus to players who did already pay for the game, there’s going to be no limitations on their play-time and they can offer credits to whomever they want. The free version will apparently run on a credit system, and you’ll have to log in each day to get a set number of game credits.

The game centers around team-based PvP. Players will create a team of pirates and attempt to infiltrate and raid the gold stash of their opponents, collecting as much gold as they can before time runs out.

There are a variety of maps, shoot-’em-up style 2.5D action, and various pirates and character classes themed after the Hero Shooter sub-genre.

At the moment the Early Access version on the Steam store is available for $9.99, but it will be free for everyone come July 10th.


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