Beyond Skyrim Team Teases New Roscrea Expansion For Skyrim

The Beyond Skyrim team not too long ago released its Bruma mod for Skyrim players to explore, same goes for Skyrim SE, and now the team is teasing the next big expansion known as Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea. Bethesda’s Skyrim is out now for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One.

A brand new teaser trailer has hit the scene thanks to the team behind Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, which stands to be a mod that expands the base game of Skyrim. The series of Beyond Skyrim has reached another location known as Roscrea. If you want to see said location, the new video mentioned above can be seen here.

According to the team behind the upcoming mod or expansion, players will journey to the northern stormy parts of the Sea of Ghosts to a land of untold riches. Once known as a land of whispers, for centuries it is said that the soil of Roscrea has faced an onslaught of foreign armies and alien customs.

Peering past all of the talk of the land, once players make it to this new location, Roscrea, it is set on a large island warmed by volcanic structures far north of Tamriel.

Furthermore, I should mention that well made mods take a significant time to bring as a full package to fans of a game. In other words, while these Beyond Skyrim mods are announced during a time where fans eagerly await something new, work on these grandeur mods can be dated back as far as 2013. The flip side to well made mods is that once they are made very little ground breaking bugs and ruptured features manifest at release. Additionally, folks will have a lot to explore when the mod drops for free.

Speaking of free public consumption, Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea has no current release date set. obviously the mod will be compatible for PC, but the date is just up in the air as of this moment. However, if you want more info on the mod/project you can hit up


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