Black Matter Unveils Hell Let Loose New CGI Reveal Trailer

Black Matter is developing a PC exclusive game that is powered by the Unreal Engine 4 named Hell Let Loose. The game will sport 50 Vs. 50 players, realistic weapon degradation, hardcore violence and gore, destructible environments, vehicles and 4km2 maps all set in a gritty WW2 world. With that said, the devs just released a new CGI reveal trailer showing Hell Let Loose.

Publisher and developer Black Matter just release a new reveal trailer for its WW2 game Hell Let Loose. The first-person shooter game will explore other theaters of WW2 that includes German, Japanese, Russian, British and U.S. campaigns in a player Vs. player setup.

Recreated from archival satellite photography, each map in the game is said to be around 4km2 and is accompanied by a battlefield divided up through large cap sectors. The realistic archival maps and sectors are said to bring emergent yet constant gameplay that’s unique in practice.

Moreover, supply lines, vehicles and spawn points must be established by players to build up a proper garrison across the battlefield. If all of that sounds like fun, players who plan on backing the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Hell Let Loose will gain access to the Alpha and Beta build when Steam Direct comes to fruition.

In Addition to the above, Hell Let Loose Alpha and Beta will release near the end of 2017, which is followed by the early 2018 official release. In the meantime, you can watch the latest video trailer for Hell Let Loose.

I don’t know if this will appear in the game or not, but I really do like the anticipation that the game has going for it. In other words, I like that the devs build up to the action becoming a grit fest instead of everything hitting the viewer in an instance. If the game has similar tension shown in the CGI reveal trailer, then I can see where Hell Let Loose could gain a substantial footing in today’s FPS WW2 market.

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