Black The Fall Gameplay Walkthrough
Black The Fall Walkthrough

Sand Sailor Studio and Square Enix’s Black The Fall for PC has popped onto the scene as a new kind of dystopian, futuristic, 2.5D adventure-puzzle platformer. The game isn’t very long, but if you found yourself having trouble getting through the various segments, there’s a complete gameplay walkthrough guide available.

For gamers who need help, YouTuber Nokzen managed to put together a four-part playlist featuring the game from start to finish, so you get a full no-commentary walkthrough of the title. You can check out the video walkthrough below.

At the beginning when you start and have to ride the bike, do so until the box comes out of the machine and the door opens. Quickly hop off the bike and run through the door uyntil you get to the next segment. A red light will be aiming down on the floor while crates pass by slowly; wait for the crates to pass under the red light and then walk underneath its shadow until you get to the next segment.

Outside, there’s a ledge you need to climb up and turn off the valve to make the fire go away.

In the next area where the guard is checking the employees and there’s a pale on the ground… you’ll need to wait for him to push the proletariat through the curtain and then walk across the platform. The guard pushing the proletariat will mask the sound of the platform smashing onto the ground.

Proceed to the next segment where the red light monitors the proletariats on the bike. Wait for the light to pass by and then jump on the bike; wait for the light to pass by again and then jump off the bike.

Sneak past the guard who is asleep. Do not run!

A security drone along a cable will spot you; hide behind the boxes until it stops to cool down its guns and then head over and turn the valve to turn on the fire. Lead the drone back into the fire to destroy the gun. Have the drone follow you over to the boarded up area and keep having it ram the boards until it breaks open so you can climb inside.

Time the floor so that it drops onto and kills the guard below and then take his arm contraption.

Use the contraption to guide the other proletariat slave into the next room and direct them around the red-light drone and make them crank up the capsule so you can walk through it without getting shoot. While inside the capsule, direct the proletariat to open the door so you can escape the room.

Sneak past the guard. Do not run!.

Wait at the edge of the hall until the other guard opens the door that leads to the elevator.


In the next room, guide the proletariat over to the camera operating swivel and have him move the projector to the edge of the dolly track.

Wait for the guard to walk over to the projector and start watching the screen and then sneak past him and climb up the platform until you get to the energy generation room with all the proletariats on bikes.

Carefully have the proletariat in front of you to switch places with you on the bike.

Wait for the camera to get to the very end of the right side and then switch places with the third man on the bike. Repeat this until you get to the end.

Proceed to have the last two bike riders get off and stand on the edge of the yellow platform to raise it up so you can then enter underneath the platform.

Use the proletariat to shut down the fans and then proceed to the next segment, where you need to position yourself properly and avoid being cut up in the furnace room. Climb up on the pipe near the end of the conveyor and then platform your way to the next segment.

Attempt to open the door and it will cause the room to shake. Use the elevator to climb up and get to the platform above and direct the light over the light switch to open the door.

In the room with the guard, open the trap door and fall down. Trigger the alarm by turning the red beam onto the yellow door switch. While the guard is distracted, climb up the other side and escape.

Head into the room where there’s a giant radio band at the top of the room and you’ll need to put the laser arm into the light contraption to activate the beam. Use the bike to move the radio band to the far right side of the screen and then use the laser arm to bounce the light off the radio band to activate the elevator and head to the next segment.

In the next segment, use the laser arm to open the door into the room with the laser up on the platform. Climb up and direct the laser at the door switch. Go back in and get your laser arm; head back into the room and climb up to the platform and direct the second laser to the door switch on the right side. Timing is key to avoid being flayed by the security laser wall.

Platform your way into the next segment and activate the switches to get the mechs to leave the hangar and then hop down below where the lava is flowing in the machine room.

Continue to platform your way through the segments until you reach end where there are two hammers swinging. The platform before the dead end has a lower tier you can access by hanging and dropping down below.

Continue to platform your way through the area, following the linear path.

When you get to the part with the trash compactor, quickly jump onto the box and then jump up onto the compactor arm.

Wait for the compactor to retract and when the floor opens up, hop down below.

Time your jump on the rickety platform and wait for it to get close to the next ledge before jumping., When you get to the end of the platform, activate the switch and another retractable fire arm will come out. Run back and wait for it to connect into the wall and then jump on top of the arm.

Platform across to the end and activate the switch to disable the furnace and then hop down onto the platform.

In the next set of tunnels, time your movements with the sound of the steam exhaust and proceed to make your way out of the facility.

There are mechs patrolling outside, so don’t run, sneak across the street until the mech is no longer looking.


Climb up the building using the ledges to get to the roof and then use the momentum to run and jump onto the raft to break it off the rope and get to the next side.

Continue to time your movements to avoid being spotted by the mech.

When you get to the light generator, rotate the red light to aim at the yellow activator to trigger the ferry.

The object is to time the momentum of the ferry with the pattern of the drone lights. You can also trick the drones by hacking on the rail with the dead bodies.


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