Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Packs On Tons Of Action And A Little Bit Of Mystery
Blade Runner 2049

Synthwave soundtrack? Check. Lots of wide angle cinematic shots? Check. Lots of violence? Check? A small hint of some sort of larger conspiracy at play? Double check. Welcome to the new trailer for Blade Runner 2049.

Denis Villeneuve’s take on the sequel to Ridley Scott’s original, which was based on Philip K. Dick’s classic sci-fi tale, doesn’t look half bad. In fact, it looks like an awesome high-brow date movie that might actually spawn some good conversation thereafter. The two and a half minute trailer spoils a ton of the action beats in the movie, removing some of the more subdued and restrained editing and pacing that were presented in the first two trailers. You can check it out below, courtesy of Warner Bros., official YouTube channel.

So basically, we repeatedly hear that Gosling’s character is a cop. They say this about half a dozen times within the span of just two and a half minutes. We then learn that there’s some sort of human transcendence epiphany happening within the technological sector, something that almost sounds like a story out of Ghost in the Shell. It appears as if Jared Leto’s character is leading the charge, and either wants Gosling or Harrison Ford in order to finish his mission… whatever it may be.

Some group wants Harrison Ford dead. Gosling wants to figure something out, but we don’t really know what. He also wants to escape with some young chick, but we don’t know why. He also seems to repeatedly get tortured and the crap beat out of him throughout the film, but it’s anyone’s guess who is doing it.

A heck of a lot of questions for a movie that’s going to need to provide lots of answers come October 6th, 2017 later this year.

Reactions to the trailer are somewhat mixed but mostly positive. It’s the number one trending trailer on YouTube as of the writing of this article, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s a lot of intrigue surrounding it. I’m not fond of how much of the action beats they let loose, but I can understand that they wanted to lure people in with new footage. I would have preferred something a bit more subtle and nuanced; something centered around the story and the way the characters unfold within the story structure, but I guess it’s better than the trailer giving away the beginning, middle and end all within the span of just three minutes; a sin committed more often than not.

It’s definitely a film I’m looking forward to seeing, but I doubt it’ll be as revolutionary as the original Blade Runner. Then again, if it’s entertaining and coherent that should be enough for me.


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