Brain Machine, Stealth Puzzle Game Set To Hit Steam This August

Brain Machine is a 3D game that explores all four sides of a cube through a story-driven, sci-fi tale. Youzu Stars’ upcoming stealth puzzle game will release sometime this August for PC on Steam Early Access.

At first glance the Brain Machine looks like a cube game that challenges players to solve it by rotating pieces to match all sides and form something tangible to move on to the next level. While some of that stands to be true with Brain Machine, the game takes players much deeper than what’s present on the surface of the cube in order to tell a story.

The Brain Machine’s story focuses on a boy who recently lost his mom and is trying to find a way to see her again, and in this case, the mysterious Brain Machine is the connection between the two.

Mixing stealth, minor action, puzzle solving and small adventure elements all into one game that’s propelled by a son in search of his mother, the game throws in a sci-fi aesthetic accompanied by a top-down view of the ever changing cube’s design to tell a simple story in a complex way.

Although the game was recently posted on Steam’s coming soon page, the much older trailer showing gameplay is present for you to look over, which should be followed by a launch trailer sometime soon. You can check out the Brain Machine’s gameplay trailer below.

Enemy AIs and memory pieces will be present throughout each run, whilst trying to manipulate the face of the cube to get closer to the end. Each enemy will call for a different action whether it be hiding or gunning the enemy down to progress forward.

If Brain Machine seems like an interesting game to you and something worth playing, its official release is due for this August. Lastly, you can learn more information regarding Brain Machine by visiting its newly posted Steam Early Access page.


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