Cemu Plugin Loader Makes It Easy To Load In DLL Plugins
Cemu Wind Waker

The Cemu emulator updates may have slowed down due to the fact that the Cemu Team has made the Wii U emulator about as good as most people could have hoped for, and with only some optimization and compatibility feats left, the community is focusing more on third-party support such as plugin loaders.

Over on the Cemu sub-Reddit, user Growlith1221 designed a new DLL plugin loader for the Cemu emulator. This allows users to load in custom third-party plugins and hook them into the Cemu easily without a lot of huffing, puffing or configuring going on.

Growlith1221 explains that the Cemu Plugin Loader doesn’t do anything special outside of loading in additional DLL files to make it easy to load up add-on packs, fixes, or other community-made updates. He does mention that eventually a GUI will be made available, writing…

“[…] right now, it’s working as a simple plugin loader, in the future(possibly in a few days actually), a gui will be available for various other things like choosing which dll(s) you want to load and whatnot”

You can download the Cemu Plugin Loader right now from the Dropbox download page.

It’s suggested that you don’t use the Cemuhook in conjunction with the Cemu Plugin Loader, so it’s something you definitely need to keep in mind.

Updates for the main emulator have slowed down quite a bit after the latest main release. For the most part, the big surge happened when the Cemu was just starting to emulate The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but now that the game is mostly playable, it’s no longer a top priority for the community to express vested interests the way they did when the game first came out.

Nevertheless, Cemu is still a free Wii U emulator for PC, so you can download the latest version of from over on the official Cemu website.


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