CM Punk Sends Street Fighter 5 EVO 2017 Finalist Words Of Encouragement
CM Punk EVO 2017

In a very weird twist of fate, Kenny Omega dipped into his infinite bag of tricks and pulled out a favor on behalf of FGC top contender, Punk, and managed to get famed wrestler and failed MMA star, CM Punk, to offer PG Punk some words of wisdom and a bit of encouragement following his loss to Tokido on Sunday at the EVO 2017 Championship Series grand finals in Street Fighter V.

Kenny Omega, one of the hottest acts in pro wrestling today, and probably the biggest star in the industry (alongside Okada) who hasn’t been molested by the corporate buffoonery of the WWE, shared the 31 second clip of CM Punk on Twitter with the entire FGC, sending people into a frenzy of fanboyism, elation, excitement, and pure geekery.

At first glance you would think that Phil “CM Punk” Brooks is drunk and out of it and that maybe it was a clip about him saying some other stuff about some other stuff, but no… it’s real. CM Punk, a legendary indie wrestler, a former pissy WWE star, and a guy who’s only claim to fame in the UFC is not tapping out in under a minute, actually gave PG Punk words of encouragement. If you don’t use Twitter, if you don’t like Twitter, if you can’t view the video, or if you’re hearing impaired, you can read the following transcription of what CM Punk says in the half-minute clip…

“Punk da god… I hear you’re a little bit down in the dumps, talking some nonsense about how you let everybody down. Larry is a good friend of yours on Twitter, apparently, [and] he told me that you might need a video to cheer you up. So this is our video letting you know that everybody’s proud of you. Nobody feels let down by you. You made it all the way to the finals and everybody has no doubt that you’ll do it again.


“Fall down once, get up twice. Fall down seven times, get up eight. See you in the finals next time.”

PG Punk was excited and completely bewildered to have someone like CM Punk – who has never won a UFC fight in his life – give him words of encouragement and a boost of confidence to return to EVO next year and fight all the way to the finals.

Kenny Omega making this happen is pretty crazy, and he must have been watching the EVO finals on Sunday night on ESPN 2 (the same EPSN 2 where Cammy’s leotard default outfit was banned from being used during the live televised event due to “broadcast standards”).

Regardless, Omega is a known member of the FGC, and even battled it out against WWE’s Xavier Woods during a local tournament when he was in town a couple of years ago.

The FGC has come together to help give Punk his confidence back after he completely choked on the big stage against the veteran of the sport, Tokido. If you missed what happened on July 16th, 2017, you can check out a video below showing how Punk started off strong, but he let nerves and the unshakable will of Tokido weaken the bones of his mental fortitude like a dead body being dumped in hydrofluoric acid.

Despite the loss, and having the weight of all of America’s hopes and dreams on his shoulders, PG Punk will hopefully get back to training and come back stronger and more powerful next year, which is something that his real-life hero CM Punk was unable to do in the UFC.


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