CNN Blackmailed U.S. Citizen Into Apology Over Trump Meme, Argues Congressman
Trump vs CNN
(Last Updated On: July 5, 2017)

A United Statements Congressman for Virginia and former Navy SEAL, Scott Taylor, took to Twitter to argue that CNN has coerced a private citizen into apologizing to the network for creating a meme featuring U.S. President Donald Trump attacking WWE chairman Vince McMahon with a CNN logo plastered over McMahon’s face. According to Taylor, he believes that with CNN’s latest actions, a “line was crossed”.

Taylors tweet was quickly picked up by many Conservative news outlets, and alternative media such as Gateway Pundit.

The article cited CNN’s actual statements in their news piece, which admonished the user for posting the meme featuring Trump and the CNN logo on McMahon’s face. CNN also used the piece to inform readers that they tracked down the original creator of the meme, called his home phone, and eventually managed to pressure an apology out of him. CNN stated in the piece, which was published July 4th, 2017

“CNN is not publishing “HanA**holeSolo’s” name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same.
CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”

The last bit about CNN reserving the right to publish the young man’s personal identifiable information has many claiming that it’s blackmail.

The original author of the piece, Andrew Kaczynski, claims he received word from user, HanA**holeSolo, who stated that he was in total agreement with CNN and that he was not threatened in any way.

Now that the story has gone viral, a lot of people are wondering if the meme that caused such an issue was really worth a private citizen being threatened with a dox by CNN?

This has caused some users on social media to revolt and start sharing the original meme as a way to create civil disturbance and raise the issue of a news organization using their resources to threaten citizens.

According to Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, this isn’t just a matter of privacy but a matter of legality. He points to the New York criminal code under section 135.60 in a tweet.

If you’re unable to read the tweet, the passage is available over on the penal law page for the state of New York, which explains…

“A person is guilty of coercion in the second degree when he or she compels or induces a person to engage in conduct which the latter has a legal right to abstain from engaging in, or to abstain from engaging in conduct in which he or she has a legal right to engage, or compels or induces a person to join a group, organization or criminal enterprise which such latter person has a right to abstain from joining, by means of instilling in him or her a fear that, if the demand is not complied with, the actor or another will: […] Perform any other act which would not in itself materially benefit the actor but which is calculated to harm another person materially with respect to his or her health, safety, business, calling, career, financial condition, reputation or personal relationships.”

This act of coercion, or blackmail, is considered a class A misdemeanor.

This has resulted in the hashtag #CNNBlackmail to trend on Twitter, and even managed to get some individuals from the #GamerGate crowd (such as a source for One Angry Gamer) to chime in, along with a flurry of memes.

CNN has so far claimed that threatening to dox the original creator of the meme was not blackmail, and that the individual apologized publicly and to CNN privately well before the idea for the article was constructed.

However, in one final twist, the Twitter account for /Pol/ news noted that CNN originally stated that the apology only came after CNN threatened Han. They even showed off the tweets from CNN to prove it.

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  • descent3031

    My favourite development so far is that whilst this guy made the original gif, it wasn’t actually his one that the president got a hold of and used. So in effect they’re blackmailing and threatening the wrong guy.

    Subsequently I’ve also made a wrestler in WWE2k17 who wears a black mask with “CNN” in big red letters on it. He is called “Fake News”.

  • RetroGamer

    The creator of the meme apologized and promised to made no additional ones after we threatened to make him the target of the SJW army through doxxing.

  • John27
  • Alistair

    Well another train wreck that is CNN, I used to watch them on sky years ago before they went funny.

    Let be clear about hate speech, doxxing, with death/rape threats is indeed a hate crime.

    So according to the tweets CNN regression SJWs threatened some guy that posted the trump meme with doxxing and death threat.

    I think the FBI should get involved is the only way to get to the bottom of this,

    And if found to be true then MSM has a broken system. And regressions has lost.

  • fenshing

    I cant wait for the hidden camera video of some CNN employee bragging about how they did this.


    Apparently people are now stating that the source is another anon from Mexico who doesn’t give a shit. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but this seems a lot more believable.

    • tajlund

      So, the running theory now is that they just found some shill to pretend to be the guy? Yeah, sounds about right for CNN.

      • MONAD

        Pretty much. #fakenews, indeed.

    • tajlund

      So, the running theory now is that they just found some shill to pretend to be the guy? Yeah, sounds about right for CNN.

  • Kiryu

    This is highly criminal.So just because someone made a meme CNN wants to endanger this guy’s life and expose him to an angry lynchmob.Should the FBI not arrest CNN officials for this?
    CNN is worse then i thought.

    • fenshing

      That… its just beautiful.

  • Mr.Towel

    “We’re not extorting or blackmailing anyone, we’re only offering protection!” – Mafia

    The amount of mental gymnastics these people do to avoid looking in the mirror is staggering.

  • Bitterbear
    • tajlund

      90% of which are going to be manufactured by him and his friends. The last 10% are going to be trolls that don’t care one way or another.

    • durka durka

      huffington post, wallstreet journal, business insider, new york times, they are all the same.

    • Disqusted

      Victim Wars.

      It’s usually easy to avoid getting death threats: don’t be a f**king asshole to everybody else. But the mainstream still has yet to grasp this concept.

    • Cyberxion

      That HuffPo’s article isn’t about how fucking atrocious and downright disturbing it is that CNN “exposed” a private citizen is yet more proof of how fucking useless modern media is.

      CNN went after a private citizen over a meme, painted a target on the guy’s back by labeling him as a racist, and then essentially threatened to let interested parties know exactly where to find him if he should dare cross them again. That’s what these fuckers should be writing about, not whatever death threats Kaczynski most probably fabricated in order to divert attention away from yet another of his many fuck-ups. You know, like that time he helped drive an innocent man to suicide by falsely accusing him of being behind the Boston Marathon bombings, then deleted all of his incriminating tweets after the guy’s body was dragged out of a river, for example. People don’t need to know who was behind the meme. It’s not in the public’s interest to know. THAT shit, however, absolutely is, and that the media isn’t talking about it is the problem in a nutshell.

  • Keystone

    So basically CNN pissed off /pol/ to the point where they’re focusing all their autistic energy on one target. Yup, they’re fucked.

    If CNN and its staff weren’t such lying, unethical scumbags I’d feel sorry for them. But they are, so I don’t. Fuck CNN.

  • EroBotan

    In times like this, i wonder what Neogaf will do lol

    • Disqusted

      Bang more kids, probably. Going by that other Neogaf guy’s statement, it’s okay as long as they’ve got some form of clothing on.

      • durka durka

        lol dude!!!

      • EroBotan

        that’s so like them XD

  • SiliconNooB

    This is the best timeline.

  • LurkerJK

    I love how they keep repeating that he apologized, as if anything he said could be trusted when you got him by the balls

    • fnd

      I hate this “apologize to the media” circlejerk, they should be the last people on earth to demand apologies for anything. Fuck them to hell.

    • Cyberxion

      Yeah, anything said under duress is suspect, and I’m pretty sure that threatening to release his personal information to the public after labeling him a racist qualifies.

  • Grey

    So after having their employees caught on tape confessing the network was pushing stories they knew were without merit for ratings and calling the voting public idiots, CNN decided the best follow up was to go after a teenage shitposter and attempt to justify this by describing him solely as a “racist” for the stupid edgelord garbage the little idiot posted on a forum.

    Have they just given up and fully embraced being supervillains at this point? When does the CNN Orbital Death Ray come online?

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      Soon™ (at 11)

  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    CNN confirmed for being anti-free speech. But i am sure they will bitch about journalists rights when someone pwns their asses.

    • Kiryu

      CNN should fuck off to North Korea if they’re against free speech and the same goes for all libtards that say free speech is hatespeech.

  • giygas
  • Disqusted

    Thanks for the detailed writeup.

    I saw on one Reddit thread that someone with proven past connections to the Trump campaign is trying to get ahold of that guy to confirm if there’s actual evidence of coercion from CNN. 4d chess?

    Man, I would love to see the corrupt mainstream get shut down once and for all. Very unhappy with how they still get away with slandering gamers and pushing SJW lies as fact.

    I mean, someone makes a joke video, and they get blackmailed and made an example of. But SJWs, Antifa, BLM, Suckeesian, etcetra run around killing people, cheating the system and ruining lives, and the media protects them. F**king assholes. Puppets of Soros.

    • Grey

      “run around killing people”

      Whoa, what? Who got murdered?

      • LurkerJK

        You missed the Bernie supporter shooting baseball playing Republicans?

        Ignorance is bliss

        • Grey

          Oh, that guy.

          Thought he was saying someone in Antifa or BLM had killed someone (in the name of their movements).

          • Disqusted

            Well, there was also the bike lock guy, and moldilocks. Throwing/swinging bottles, hard metal and fist weapons at people could/should be attempted murder.

            I forget exactly what I was thinking of when I wrote that though. Probably BLM killing cops. The whole thing around Seth Rich also reeks like hell. Democrat party killing anyone investigating their fraud also reeks. But the media doesn’t care about those.

            If they were impartial and objective like they’re supposed to be, they would be reporting that shit properly and looking into it. But they don’t, they use their platform to attack anyone who asks questions.

            The weird thing is that so many people think that’s normal.

          • tajlund

            Don’t forget the BLM supporting trash that tortured and murdered the disabled guy.

          • Disqusted

            Dunno if I heard about that one.

            I know there was a BLM supporter guy who stabbed and killed a white frat guy, and a group of black guys/girls kidnapped a white special needs guy and shoved his head into a toilet, which was reported by some mainstream media outlets as white racists attacking a black guy.

            Not being racist or anything, just stating what I heard. I don’t expect normal people to be bigots and start trouble.

          • tajlund

            I forgot, they didn’t kill him. They just burned him repeatedly, sliced his scalp with a knife and beat and tortured him for a long period of time. But, we’re not supposed to mention BLM even though they did in their video.

          • Disqusted

            Because BLM is literally a Soros-funded hate group, just like SJWs and the mainstream media. Last I heard, the head of BLM lives in property owned by Soros. When you’re rich as f**k, it’s that easy to control people.

            It also helps to name your terrorist group something “humane” or “progressive”, so that you can call people racist/sexist/hateful if they don’t like being terrorized. Imagine the effect on regular people’s minds if Al Qaeda was instead named “Happy Puppies and Cute Cats”.

          • fenshing

            You forgot the Clintons! You dont want to get on the wrong side of that mafia!

          • Disqusted

            That was probably what I was thinking of when I wrote it. The media never seems to report on Killary’s long list of victims, which should immediately betray that they are not impartial.

          • fenshing

            You forgot the Clintons! You dont want to get on the wrong side of that mafia!

    • Disqusted

      So apparently the CNN employee behind this used to work for Buzzfeed and basically stalks/doxxes people for a living.

      These are the same people who call gamers like us stalkers, doxxers and shit. Projection as always.

      This is allegedly a CNN producer praising the guy for his misdeeds:

      Pol also seems displeased with CNN:

  • Hawk Hopper

    I must have died sometime in 2013 or mid 2014. My spirit is in a flamewar Valhalla. GamerGate, Reddit Revolt, RIP Twitter, showdowns with Intel, Google, Wikipedia, the UN, the fedora civil wars that I stood at the sidelines laughing at, the 2016 election, He Will Not Divide Us, it has been constant fighting and


    Now this. The wars should have basically ended in 2016.

    But no.

    It goes on with a fury of millions looking for blood at the drop of a hat.


    We are in glorious times, living or dead.

    • durka durka

      Honestly man i am sick and tired of all of this, yet i see this is going on and on and on… the ride never ends.

      Who knows maybe its for the best, maybe that way the new generation will learn to identify those shills and stop shot them down before they push their agendas.

      All i am saying it shouldnt have gone on for so long.

      • Disqusted

        I think it’s going on for this long because the corruption was allowed to spread so far. Now it’s at a point where people think corruption is normal, or can’t believe how widespread it is. Makes it a lot harder to get rid of.

        • RichardGristle

          It’s just like cleaning your house. If you stay on top of it, it’ll be an easy task. If you let the shit pile up forever, then it becomes an ordeal.

          • Disqusted

            Yeah. I realized a while ago that humans in general are not good at maintenance. We just keep wanting to move on to new shit, and the old shit piles up until it bites us in the backside.

        • durka durka

          Well the romans took their families to the colosseum to see the christians beeing eaten by lions. That was considered “normal” back then. If there is something that is a social construct, thats what is considered normal in each culture, some cultures are better than others.

        • descent3031

          “Now it’s at a point where people think corruption is normal,”

          You touch on exactly what it is, but it’s a wider cultural poison, not just corruption.

          A while ago I got banned from the ME:A reddit thread (I’ve never before received any form of ban from any forum ever, just for context). What happened was someone had made a thread complaining about all the SJW bullshit in ME:A. Someone replied and called the guy a “racist, sexist, homophobe etc etc”. This stuff pisses me off, so I replied to that guy using the exact same sentence he did but replaced the words with “Millennial, beta-male, cuck”. Then said “/s, but really we could we just stop with the baseless insults?”

          I got banned for being insulting and he didn’t. At first the mod tried to say that it was “The way you phrased it..”, but I pointed out I used the exact phrasing the other guy did, this is the point in an ironic post. Eventually the mod admitted to me that it was just because he considered calling people racist, sexist homophobes was “normal discourse” (here is where this rambling gets to your point), and told me I was being fragile for objecting to it.

          It makes me furious that culture has gotten to the point where slurs from one side a “normal discourse”, and it’s seeped into almost every aspect of life. From universities to government bureaucracy, one side is somehow constantly allowed to get away with reprehensible behaviour, whilst the other side is labelled “racist, Islamophobic, fragile” should they stand up for themselves or (God forbid), use some actual fucking logic.


          • durka durka

            It is like i said a culture decides whatis and isnt normal. The sjws have been trying to change the culture on what is and isnt ok by repeating bullshit. Its ok to call someone a right winger a racist a homophobe a fascist because those things existed and we learn about them in history. They are a threat. Its not ok to bash anything “progressive” because they have never been a threat and bashing them makes you look like a “right winger”.

            It exists because you allow it to exist, look at muslims for example. They dont want to integrate to western society and you can force them to teach their kids about LGBTQ but if you dont want your children to learn about that stuff or feminism, you are seeing as a right winger bigot and your children could be taken away by the state in Ontario. But not if you are a muslim.

            Dont allow it, this is not about logic its about peer pressure and normalization. You have to be ready to defend yourself from libel or they win.

          • Disqusted

            Yes. I think it’s not just the culture, but the “social climate”, or whatever the term is.

            They define what’s acceptable and what isn’t, by bullying the f**k out of people. The media is just one of their tools for doing that. Anyone who doesn’t believe the media is in on it is naive.

            Imagine being a super rich guy who wants to push an agenda onto an unwitting populace. Taking over the media is a non-brainer. Taking over social media is also a non-brainer, which is why sites like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter are all lock-step with Soros’ agenda.

          • Disqusted

            From what I keep hearing, Reddit was taken over by Soros and SJWs a while back. Soros’s organization aims for popular/respected platforms and hijacks them, simply by throwing lots of money around. Leaked documentation from his organization implies as such.

            It’s pretty obvious though. Notice all the most popular websites/hubs/companies/etc have all adopted SJW doctrine. Once they’ve supplanted the higher staff, they then police lower staff and users, using bots and shills to push fake opinions and forcing the rest of the staff to adopt SJW behavior.

            These methods all help convince other people into thinking SJW behavior is acceptable and normal. It’s especially effective on women, who are naturally inclined to follow the popular flow in society, and I think that through women, it affects men.

            I think that at the heart of this, it just goes to show that someone with a shitload of money can easily break society by manipulating the minds of regular people. And Soros literally has a long record of doing this. Only the stupid and ignorant would believe he is just a “conspiracy theory”.

            If Soros was just a “conspiracy theory”, he wouldn’t be banned in Russia and Hungary, and Macedonia wouldn’t be protesting against him. He also wouldn’t be known as “The man who broke the bank of England”.

            I think those who want to believe themselves immune to manipulation (ie. they don’t want to admit they make mistakes/aren’t perfect) are the most vulnerable and gullible. And there are a lot of those kinds of people in the West.

            Anyway, it’s a very sad state of affairs. At least we are seeing pushback, so not everyone is a f**king moron.

          • descent3031

            “I think those who want to believe themselves immune to manipulation (ie. they don’t want to admit they make mistakes/aren’t perfect) are the most vulnerable and gullible. And there are a lot of those kinds of people in the West.”

            This is a cutting truth. I refer to these people as IFL scientists. They’re only interested in “science” or “fact” as a tool to belittle someone and make themselves feel smart. These are the kind of people that share memes about how fucking stupid anti-vaxers are, but they don’t actually know anything about the science behind vaccines.. They just like being in the herd that gets to bash the designated outsider people. Hence how they can be on the right side of vaccines but not gender science, which is a load of shit.

          • Disqusted

            Yes. To be honest, I’m personally “suspicious” of vaccines, but I want to make it clear I’m not an “anti-vaxxer” or a “pro-vaxxer”. The way I see it is, “we need to iron out the problems in the technology, not silence dissenters and victims”.

            Again, I emphasize, I don’t doubt the core technology of vaccines. I doubt that we’re using them efficiently. Because humans are corrupt as shit. I question vaccines the same way I question medicines, or anything else.

            Here are the reasons for doubting vaccines that I can think of, off the top of my head:

            1. Human science and technology has made many advances, yes. But it’s not infallible. Just like anything else, sometimes we are wrong or aren’t considering all the possibilities or influencing factors. People like to believe they can just pop some pills and it’ll cure everything, but it’s really not that simple.

            2. Vaccine making is still a business, money is a motivation. Once people are vaccinated, they aren’t much of a customer anymore. They have to create reasons to keep pushing vaccines, or they will go bust. It’s like how global warming scientists won’t say global warming doesn’t exist, because they’d lose funding. And these groups are usually tied into government corruption, to maximize profit. I think that’s one of the biggest flaws of capitalism. Not saying other shit is better, but we should really try to find a way to fix these flaws, or at the very least, be aware of them.

            3. There are vaccines which have been proven to have a high rate of harming people, such as the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil. It’s banned in Japan because of how many people it’s f**ked over. It tends to paralyze and cripple women, and cause heart attacks in men (who shouldn’t even be forced to receive it in the first place because they don’t have a cervix). I’ve heard it’s not even effective against cervical cancer.

            4. The way everyone behaves against anyone who questions vaccines. They bully them and try to shove any victims under the carpet. That just reeks like shit. If they were impartial they would investigate properly instead of throwing a hissy fit. Gardasil vaccine victims often seem to be ignored in the West. Doctors decide that “it cannot possibly be caused by the vaccine” despite so many identical cases.

            5. One of the fallacies I hear people use to defend vaccines is “if so many people can take vaccines and not get sick, then the problem must be you and not the vaccine”. But that’s not how reality works. Everyone’s body is different, and all medicine have side effects. Look at the list of side effects for any medicine, and there are SO MANY possible side effects.

            6. In the case of 5, people will argue “survival of the fittest”. Aside from the obvious display of selfishness, that mindset ignores the fact that if vaccines contain ingredients with a high risk of serious health damage, they could at least try to find better alternatives. But they don’t want to, because that’d cost money. It’s easier and cheaper to let some people die and cover it up.

            7. Some people think vaccines may have weird stuff inserted to make people easier to manipulate. I dunno about that, but it’s a fact that higher ups like to dumb us down. Especially with the social climate we have now, with SJWs everywhere. It’s really hard to find trustworthy people.

            8. They say that if one person doesn’t get the vaccine and gets the disease, vaccinated people around them will be in danger. That doesn’t make sense to me. The vaccinated people should be immune to it, because that’s the point of the vaccine. I’ve also heard of incidents where there were outbreaks of people vaccinated against polio ending up contracting polio.

            And it’s literally the news media pushing some of the excuses I listed. The same news media who lies constantly on a daily basis and cherry-picks information. That alone makes it questionable.

            Correct me if I’m factually wrong on any of these points. It’s just my current understanding.

            By the way, I’ve had a few vaccines over the course of my life and they probably helped prevent some illness. I just think they really need to improve the tech instead of denying its problems. That kind of behavior is what turns people into anti-vaxxers. People have a habit of generalizing, but once one vaccine f**ks someone over, I can understand if they’d be afraid of all of them.

            Sorry if I got off point. You were talking about how SJWs contradict themselves, which they do. I actually suspect Soros uses SJWs to “debunk” some things, because he knows normal people think they are full of shit. For example, if SJWs are anti-vax, regular people will be pro-vax, just because they hate SJWs. Something like that.

          • descent3031

            1. This is true, but to show something is wrong you need to show a mechanism. Anti-vaxers have no legitimate mechanism by which vaccines could be causing harm.

            2. Yes, but you’re conclusion is wrong. It being a business is incentive to make it work and make it work well. If it doesn’t work you go completely out of business. If someone else makes a better one you lose business. If you make a perfect one you don’t lose business, because you will have a monopoly on the market.

            Global warming is actually a great example of why capitalism does work and socialism doesn’t. They have to crush and punish dissenters to keep the charade alive, just like Lysenkoism. If it was capitalist then the market would determine its value and it would disappear. Just like the market never chooses solar and it has to be propped up by government. I’ve never seen any behaviour in any science other than global warming.

            3. See above point about mechanism. Even if 100% of the people who were given the vaccine died, this by itself, is not evidence that the vaccine is dangerous. You need to know how the people died (there were not common causes), and how the vaccine could have caused the deaths. A good comparison is Thalidamide, where the scientific community were taught a heavy lesson about chirality.

            4. 100% this. This is what I fucking hate sooo much. As someone who loves and is experienced in science, but has also dealt with real people who have real concerns, I hate this so God damn much. Anti-vaxers in my experience are suspicious and primarily concerned for their children. Sneering at them and calling them morons doesn’t seem likely to bring them to the fold.

            5. I’ve not really heard this. Seems a weak defence of vaccines mounted by someone who doesn’t know how they work.

            6. I don’t really agree with any of this point sorry. It’s actually quite difficult to let people die and cover it up. It’s also expensive. Dr’s are also not generally cool with killing patients. I’ve never met anyone in my 12 years of being involved with the medical community who has suggested this would be ok in public or in private.

            7. Never seen any evidence of this.

            8. This is true, but another beef of mine because it’s often poorly explained by people who don’t actually understand it. I’ll put it this way.

            Q: If I don’t vaccinate my kid against polio, will he get polio?
            A: Almost certainly not.

            Q: If I don’t vaccinate my kid against polio, will another kid get polio?
            A: Almost certainly not.

            Q: Is it true that the more people who don’t get vaccinations against polio the greater the risk the disease will return and be more dangerous?
            A: Yes.

            The last one is the important part. Any time the disease is allowed to infect and thereby create new virus cells, you are rolling the dice. Every time new cells are created, they can mutate (this happens in all cells when chromosomes are broken, they can be repaired wrongly and cause mutation). The more you allow new virus cells to be created the closer you bring it to mutating in a way that means it is no longer recognised by antibodies from vaccines. If/when this happens we will have a new and deadly epidemic against which we will have little to no defence. This is the reason to vaccinate, and it’s a really bloody good one.

          • Disqusted

            Thanks for the detailed explanation and clarification on all the points. I don’t consider myself an expert or anything, I just hear lots of different stuff and reserve judgment.

            But it really goes to show that there are a lot of people out there talking and arguing about stuff like it’s fact, when they really have no idea what they’re talking about, huh? At least I always say “I hear this or that” and emphasize considering information as a possibility, and not absolute.

            To be honest, I can’t really agree with point 2. I feel there are things out there that “sorta work” or “largely work” but sometimes have serious issues that people try to push aside, for whatever reason. For example, we jumped on nuclear energy, but we still have issues dealing with nuclear waste, and maintenance. The technology is still relatively new, and we could still get bitten hard in the ass by it. I think humans generally like to seize benefits early, before rooting out the negatives.

            In the case of vaccines, I think it’s that some vaccines work, and others don’t quite work as well. The ones that don’t work as well end up harming the reputation of the ones that do work. And the other thing to keep in mind is it’s only really the people who experience negative effects that make noise about it. It’s easy to get a bad impression from stuff like online reviews when most people only submit reviews to complain.

            Regarding point 6, my general understanding is if you can’t prove a connection, you can’t direct blame. So if you take a potentially dangerous vaccine and develop negative side effects that can’t be proven, you’re liable for your own medical problems, so it’s not really expensive on the maker’s side. But I guess that also depends on how the medical system in your country is handled.

            This is how we really should be talking about this stuff, with proper discussion. It feels like nowadays everyone just wants to shut other people down because they’re too busy stroking their egos or some shit. We can’t go anywhere as a species when people are prioritizing their egos and feelings over everything else.

            That’s another reason why Soros’ bullshit is so effective. It takes advantage of people who can’t control their feelings.

            Sorry if I’m not being very concise, I feel like I’m not thinking quite straight right now. Keep making weird typos that I have to go back and fix.

            Edit: One more thing, regarding point 1. I’ve heard multiple times of various insiders leaking info showing links between vaccines and autism, but they were all suppressed heavily, or bullied and discredited.

            Some people say mercury and thimerosal are bad things to shove into vaccines. They’re preservatives, right? Did vaccines always use preservatives? Or they only started using them recently to save money?

            The other thing I heard was people started getting peanut allergies because of peanut oil used in vaccines, but I don’t know how true that is. If I look it up, a ton of people say it’s debunked, but those people aren’t really trustworthy either.

            I also often hear that the medical community is full of assholes who pull all sorts of nasty shit. Not saying all medical people are like that, but you know how humans can be. I’m sure it depends on where you live and the kind of people around you, like anything else.

            One other thing I heard is that some vaccines were distributed and used past their expiry date. I forget the details now, but that’s probably another example of people trying to save money.

          • descent3031

            No worries, I live for this shit.

            Regarding point 2 and nuclear energy. Unlike global warming, this is real science. Like global warming it has been corrupted by activists in implementation.

            Nuclear waste is not the problem it’s made out to be. Current nuclear waste for the U.S could be stored in an area roughly the size of a football field, 18ft deep. That’s about a quarter of all the nuclear waste in all the world fits in an area the size of a football field. We know how to seal it well to make it very unlikely that it will ever hurt anyone. That’s without even recycling the “waste” for still viable fuel.

            Nuclear power has killed less than 100 people in it’s history. If we remove the ridiculous catastrophe that was Chernobyl, then wind power is more dangerous. Coal kills thousands of people annually. Fear of nuclear power has killed many more people than nuclear power itself if you count abortion as the death of a human.

            I know I’m starting to sound like a bloody shill, but I’m not. Here is my reasoning. I really only care about human happiness and prosperity. Human happiness and prosperity is directly increased by cheap energy. Next to coal, nuclear is the cheapest. Nuclear is also the cleanest and is not dangerous to use or mine.

            “In the case of vaccines, I think it’s that some vaccines work, and others don’t quite work as well. The ones that don’t work as well end up harming the reputation of the ones that do work.”

            Very true, flu vaccine is notorious for this. I respect that you are suspicious, and I would encourage it. I would just advise these things when dealing with it.

            Everyone is biased (including you, and me for that matter).

            The answer that requires the least assumptions is usually the truth. (Which is why I largely reject complicated conspiracies).

            Correlation is not causation.

            A suggested effect with no suggested mechanism is not scientific.

            Soros may actually be the worst person to be drawing air on the planet.

          • Disqusted

            Yeah, I’m just worried about the long term effects of dropping the ball here and there. I heard many countries can’t afford to decommission reactors and are using them past expiry date, and they are slowly falling apart.

            I don’t feel confident with statements like “nuclear power has killed less than 100 people” because I think there are a lot of ways people could have died indirectly or unofficially. We’ve still yet to learn the full effects of the Fukushima meltdown, because people are still actively trying to suppress information about it.

            I also heard Chernobyl’s radiation is not going away as quickly as predicted. If true, it shows our understanding is still lacking. I personally feel we shouldn’t be wielding such powerful and dangerous things if we don’t fully understand them.

            I heard Japan is still dumping radiated water in the ocean, because they don’t have anywhere else to put it, and they still don’t have a solution. Imagine how that might affect nature and people in the long term.

            I also heard they only just got around to prosecuting some people over the disaster. I also heard that people aboard the Reagan who helped in the wake of Fukushima and suffered terrible radiation effects have finally succeeded in their lawsuit. That took so many years. The truth takes a long time to come to light. I remember hearing people smearing them as opportunists or some shit.

            And I don’t really like to think of it as comparing to wind power or anything else. They both have issues that we should be addressing. I’ve heard that thorium reactors or cold fusion may be good alternatives, but I don’t know how valid or possible those are. Haven’t read up much on it.

            We’re living in an age where, once people find a cash cow, they want to stick to it even if there are better alternatives. An example of that is the recording industry, but also things like cancer cure alternatives getting suppressed by the chemotherapy industry. I don’t know exactly how corrupt these industries are, but they’re all run by humans, so there must be some degree of corruption.

            In the big picture, it feels like we’re running around in circles as a whole, just so some people can rake in more profits over a longer period of time. That’s the impression I get, anyway.

            We should be identifying issues and addressing them. But it feels like nowadays people get SO upset at ANYTHING negative, it’s insane. Our priorities are all messed up now. I think people nowadays are living relatively comfortable lives, so they’ve become much less resistant when something negative does happen.

            I mean, I understand where you are coming from though. There are pros and cons to everything. Sometimes we have to take the cons with the pros. I just think human judgment keeps getting clouded by other bullshit that shouldn’t be as high a priority.

          • descent3031

            We’ll agree to disagree on this. I guess we shall see, but just remember that there is real cost associated with denying people cheap, clean energy. Every decision has consequences. This is something I feel people forget when they urge the precautionary principle.

            “We should be identifying issues and addressing them. But it feels like nowadays people get SO upset at ANYTHING negative, it’s insane. Our priorities are all messed up now.”

            Yep, dead set.

          • Disqusted

            Yeah, I mean, I’m someone who doesn’t like to make decisions because I try to be aware of all the pros and cons, and sometimes the cons are just unavoidable, or there aren’t other viable alternatives. I try to avoid irreversible consequences where possible.

            So you can sorta see why I have this mindset. It’s not balanced, so I don’t think it’s good.

          • 2. Yes, but you’re conclusion is wrong. It being a business is incentive to make it work and make it work well. If it doesn’t work you go completely out of business. If someone else makes a better one you lose business. If you make a perfect one you don’t lose business, because you will have a monopoly on the market.

            Not true at all. Look at the battery market, the car market, the anti-virus market, and the pharmaceutical market: It’s not about selling indefinite solutions, it’s about creating patches for indefinite problems.





            There’s no residuals in cures.

          • descent3031

            I don’t see how any of this contradicts what I said sorry.

            The car one. Are you trying to suggest that I’m wrong because the average cost of running a car increases? What does the average car look like now compared to 1970? What does the average wage look like? What nonsense has been meddled with to corrupt the free market? With cars in the U.S it’s almost everything.

            The medical ones are a bit vexed. Medical science is having a lot of issues worldwide at the moment:

            I still maintain that what I’ve said is broadly true. The system is not perfect, but largely we adjust paradigms to incorporate good medicine and science. The proof in this to me is the lifespan and quality of life in western nations.

            “There’s no residuals in cures.”
            I don’t buy this argument. If I developed the cure for cancer right now I’d likely be the richest dude on the planet as well as a superstar in history. The world is bigger than the U.S. Most medical science is not directly connected to any corporation, and the first guy to do it puts everyone else out of business, whilst he becomes a mega-billionaire and celebrated by history.

            Even if the people who discover it are super evil, and running a company that would be crushed by the discovery. Would you spend millions burying it? Or would you just sell your huge company to a sucker for billions whilst you have the thing that will put him out of business the very next day. Then charge several hundred times what it’s worth for it since you have a monopoly and demand will faaaar exceed supply.

          • Disqusted

            I think If you developed a cure for cancer right now, the existing cancer treatment industry would be pretty upset. People tend to lash out when they become obsolete.

            Maybe it’s just me having such negative expectations of people and reality, what with all the corruption running rampant.

            I don’t mean to rain on your parade or anything. I can see the good in expecting good from others. It’s best to have a balanced mindset. Don’t be like me and lose motivation to do anything.

          • If I developed the cure for cancer right now I’d likely be the richest dude on the planet as well as a superstar in history

            No, you wouldn’t. You would be killed or have your work destroyed. Did you learn nothing of what happened with Tesla and Edison?

            It’s more than a $100 billion industry that makes money on treatments, not cures:

            Cancer research and funding alone is a $400 million sector that will continue to thrive so long as they never find a cure.

            Because like you said, the person who does cure cancer makes billions in the short term; they would also put a lot of corporations out of business in the long term, once a vaccine is created.

            Even if the people who discover it are super evil, and running a company that would be crushed by the discovery. Would you spend millions burying it? Or would you just sell your huge company to a sucker for billions whilst you have the thing that will put him out of business the very next day. Then charge several hundred times what it’s worth for it since you have a monopoly and demand will faaaar exceed supply.

            You’re putting way too much faith in human decency. That’s not how it works. The idea is to puppeteer a method that ensures infinite reliance on a solution that doesn’t fix the problem. Once you fix the problem the problem goes away and you no longer need the solution.

            A cure for cancer paves the way for cancer vaccines; cancer vaccines means no more grants and funding, no more supplements for cancer treatment, no more chemo, no more chemo pills, no more surgery, no more painkillers for the surgery, etc., etc.

            A cure for cancer would slash the $100 billion pharma industry into bits, and all of the corporate pocket-dipping that takes place associated with selling the equivalent of placebos goes away.

        • Cyberxion

          I’d add to that the fact that a lot of folks have a fondness for shit that confirms their biases. As long as the media continues to tell them what they want to hear regardless of whether or not there’s any truth to it, they’ll gladly overlook the corruption running rampant within it.