Crashday: Redline Edition Crashes Onto Steam August 10th
Crashday Redline Edition

The explosive action-oriented racing game from developer Moonbyte and publisher 2tainment called Crashday: Redline Edition is scheduled to launch on Steam starting August 10th. The developer released a new launch trailer for the game, along with opening up the Steam page to detail some of the content and features for the upcoming combat-racer.

The series is actually a decade old and the newest game is actually a remaster of the original that came out back in 2006 for PC. The remastered edition contains a robust series of different modes, multiplayer races, all new refreshed graphics, and updated gameplay and modding support. You can check out the game and see what it looks like in real-time thanks to the trailer below.

The gameplay looks solid enough. In fact, it definitely looks like a game from 2006 that’s been remastered with higher quality textures and resolution.

The physics are entirely arcade-like, so if you’re expecting the kind of weight and dynamics from games like Assetto Corsa or Gran Turismo, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

There are combat arena modes, race modes, and time trials for players to engage in, with 36 different tracks to play across, 10 of which are brand new to the series. There are 12 different vehicles to master, various weapons to acquire, and both single and multiplayer events to conquer.

The press release mentions vehicle deformation, but in the trailer above it didn’t look like there was much deformation other than some light body damage, including bent fenders, and some panels loosely hanging off here and there. Maybe it’s a bit more in-depth in the actual game?

Additionally there are six different mini-games with high-score challenges to beat, an original soundtrack to boot, and a complete career mode where you can unlock new cars and tuning parts to upgrade the cars with.

If it’s a budget priced title then this will likely appeal to people looking for a cheap smash-’em-up similar to Gas Guzzlers.

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