Cyberpunk 2077 Job Listings Detail Japanese Specialist And Network Programmer

CD Projekt Red has posted up job listings not too long ago that detail Cyberpunk 2077’s Community Specialist for Japan, and networking changes for the online/multiplayer department. Cyberpunk 2077 is currently slated to come out for PC and the latest console devices when it’s ready.

According to some job listings that were quietly posted up on CD Projekt Red’s Job Listing page not too long ago shows two job opportunities that detail some interesting angles of Cyberpunk 2077. The two jobs consist of a Community Specialist for Japan, and a Network Programmer who will help with the game’s online/multiplayer features.

The first job listing explains what the Community Specialist for Japan will be doing for both GWENT and other titles, including Cyberpunk 2077. It reveals that the person of interest must be familiar with social media channels popular with Japanese gamers and must love video games. The person will be responsible for establishing relationships with the company’s players and community partners.

Below reads the job listing for the Community Specialist for Japan, and what this individual will be doing:

“CD PROJEKT RED is looking for a person who would join our team and take care of our community in Japan. A person on this position will be responsible for building relationships with our players and community partners. If you speak Japanese as well as you speak English, you are familiar with social media channels popular with Japanese gamers and you love video games, don’t hesitate! Send us your CV.”

Next up comes the Network Programmer. Dealing with net code and online multiplayer, the said job will see a person who is experienced with C/C++ and has a deep understanding of TCP/IP, UDP, NAT and network issues, working with the new RedEngine 4 to design and implement new network layers of the RedEngine 4.

In addition to the above, the Network Programmer will help make changes to “existing systems” and will likely test how the game’s network infrastructure operates during early and late stages of development.

“CD PROJEKT RED is looking for an experienced Network Programmer to support our core engine team. The person on this position will be responsible for designing and implementing the network layer of the REDEngine, as well leading our studio through the necessary steps to adapt to the new tasks and different way of thinking. If you are able to communicate with people as efficiently as you do with your computer, join us!”

So what does all of the aforesaid mean? Well, it means that CD Projekt Red wants to expand its presence over in Japan and is looking to appeal to Japanese gamers through advertisement and keeping up with Eastern social media trends. As for the latter part regarding the Network Programmer, the company wants to better the online capability that will be featured in Cyberpunk 2077 by re-doing and changing “existing systems” established in the current stage of the game’s development.

Cyberpunk 2077 is set to come out when it’s ready.


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