Daredevil Steals The Show In Second Defenders Trailer
Defenders Netflix

Netflix released the latest trailer for the first season of the upcoming Defenders, and the near three minute video sported lots of action and a bit more of the story on how all four of the heroes come together to help save New York City.

The trailer features voice-overs from both Scott Glenn and Sigourney Weaver, as the two work as the light and dark side explaining what’s at stake. The trailer re-introduces viewers to Elektra, who appears to be going through her Anakin Skywalker phase. They tease the group not really working well together but then eventually coming to terms with one another to fight the good fight. However, before the trailer ends, another breakup is teased as Matt lets the schlong of sentiment get in the way when he sees Elektra again.

Despite Iron Fist seemingly being the strongest of the four, and Luke Cage being the most durable, they don’t really seem to carry any weight with them other than just being there. Jessica Jones and Matt Murdoch appear to be the two who really characterize the Defenders… especially Matt as the Daredevil.

As pointed out in the comment section of the YouTube video, Matt is the only one with a costume and the only one who seems to take being a super hero seriously. He’s also had the most character development and layers to his story compared to the other three, so maybe that’s why he seems to standout a bit more in the trailer?

Additionally there are all sorts of rumors flying around that the Punisher will have a very small cameo in the series at some point, but we’ll likely have to wait a while before we can see how that all plays out. Personally, I don’t really care all that much about the Defenders show. I’m more invested in wanting to see The Punisher.

Anyway, Marvel’s The Defenders is set to air on Netflix this summer starting August 18th next month.


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