Dark And Light Early Access Features Dragons, Unicorns And Magic
Dark and Light

Snail Games’ Dark and Light enters into Early Access on July 20th, 2017. If you’re reading this a little late it’s probably already available, and if you’re reading this a little early you’ll just have to wait a short while longer before you can hop into the new MMO from the publisher of games like Age of Wushu and Black Gold Online.

Japanese gaming site Gamer quickly rolled through the game’s features, talking about how players will travel through the land of Gaia. Unlike other MMOs out there, Snail Games’ Dark and Light aims to combine the traditional MMO leveling and exploration with the new-school open-world survival elements popular in games like DayZ or Rust.

Dark and Light also takes cues from titles like Riders of Icarus, giving gamers the option to capture and tame a wide variety of mythical creatures, ranging from griffons and dragons, to wildebeest and unicorns. You can check out a gameplay trailer below to see what the actual gameplay for Dark and Light looks like in action.

So first of all, visually Dark and Light looks fantastic. If I cared about MMOs I would probably be geeked about putting this on the hard drive.

The ability to craft and build your own settlement will definitely make for some interesting gameplay. Physics-based destruction, melee combat, magic attacks and mounted battles all make for some superb possibilities.

The game will release with 14 standard mele and ranged weapons, including bows, swords, daggers, staffs and maces. You can also either shoot and loot for new items, or craft your own.

Additionally, you won’t just have to deal with exploration and adventuring out in the world of Gaia. With the three factions constantly at war with one another, even players intent on staying domesticated will have to deal with wandering players and AI bandits out to make a name for themselves. This means that players will have to build up and fortify their own houses to prevent them from being ceded over to the unruly types.

If Dark and Light seems like a game you might be interested in, you can learn more about the upcoming free-to-play MMO by checking out the Steam Early Access page.


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