Dark And Light Guide: Here’s How To Tame Creatures

New to Snail Games USA’s Dark and Light? If so, and you are in search of guide on how to tame creatures around and about the land, hopefully this taming guide will help you out. Dark and Light is available to play right now for PC via Steam Early Access.

There are a lot of creatures that roam around in Dark and Light and the developers will likely be adding more in the future. Like most games with different creatures, different lifeforms in this game call for unique actions to tame them. In other words, taming a legendary or mythical creature will call for you or a group of players to use quite a bit of resources to tame it.

In this guide, you will learn how to tame more common creatures found around and about, like boars, sheep, goats and so on.

Moreover, if you are looking to tame common creatures, you can start off by going into Skills and clicking on the Range tab, this is where you will find the Stone Hooked Arrows after reaching Rank 2. To rank up your Range crafting skill you will need to take your pick-axe and swing it at trees to level said trait up. You can watch a video that goes into much detail about the process of leveling up and taming creatures courtesy of Mexsus.

Next up is an additional video showing how to tame more animals or creatures in the game. The video below by ThatGermanGuy is much longer and covers how to do said process with friends.

I should mention that there are other ways to tame creatures, which may be more or less conventional in practice, but as long as the taming method yields less resources and opts to be a more optimal way of taming a creature, then go for it.

Dark and Light is out now for PC and is running a special until August 3rd, dropping its usual $29.99 price point down to $24.89 on Steam Early Access. More information on this game can be found over on playdnl.com.


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