Destiny 2 Beta: Here’s How To Do The Infinite Super Glitch

The Destiny 2 Beta has a glitch that players can take advantage of which gives you an infinite Super without draining the Super meter. In this guide, players will learn how to utilize the Golden Gun, Dawn Blade, Arcstrider, and Sentinel glitch infinitely.

Firstly, the glitch in Destiny 2 that prompts infinite Supers is nothing new given that in was featured in the first game. I should note that the glitch can only be performed during The Inverted Spire Strike in the Beta, which calls for a vehicle like the Pike.

In addition to the above, you will not be able to use the glitch in PvP, so it is only restricted to PvE. To use the exploit that can be executed in the opening area of said Strike calls for a Fallen Pike and your Super.

Players will be able to obtain a Fallen Pike at the start of the Inverted Spire Strike after clearing the first wave of enemies. From here, go back to where you’ve spawned and there will be a chance of the Pike appearing in that location.

Now that you have a Pike and your Super, next you will need to activate your Super just before jumping onto your Pike. It is suggested by veterans of the glitch to press your Super button about half a second before holding the button to mount your Pike.

Once you are on the Pike and you see your Super animation is still active, open up your menu and switch your Primary weapon to something else and then back to what you were wielding in the first place. From here, you will be able to hop off and enjoy your infinite Super. Videos showing each Super comes in by YouTuber Bakengangsta.

Golden Gun Glitch

Dawn Blade Glitch

Arcstrider Glitch

Sentinel Glitch

It should be noted that the Super infinite glitch will only cancel out if you activate your Super again, die or jump back on a Pike.

Destiny 2 will release for PS4 and Xbox One on September 6th, while the PC version will launch on October 24th.


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