Destiny 2: The Farm Social Hub Features Soccer Mini-Game
Destiny 2 Soccer

A video that tours one of the new locations in Destiny 2 popped up on IGN recently, giving gamers a look at a new social space Bungie created called “The Farm”.

The video is four and a half minutes long, showcasing what the location looks like. Ryan Ebenger, the narrative lead at Bungie, walked IGN through the location. He explains that The Farm is where players end up after the intro concludes and the refugees from the onslaught end up after the Light gets taken away at the hands of the Cabal.

The Farm works as the place where you get some new loot, check your mail at the postmaster, or upgrade your character.

Characters from the old games may make an appearance, such as Tyra Karn, who is there to decrypt items.

According to Ebenger, they wanted to make the space seem fun and inviting and offer players an opportunity to showcase their individuality when they weren’t on missions. In order to do this the team decided to add various mini-games for the 26 players in each Farm instance. So you can play mini-games like the soccer game, where you run and slide and attempt to hit the ball into your opponent’s net. It’s the simple but fun things that are designed to keep people entertained (and interested) in between missions, raids and Crucible bouts.

Ebenger also reveals that The Farm will grow and expand as players continue to progress through the game, with more people joining The Farm as you further progress in the game.

There is also a side-mission that explores a robot army designed to help aid the Guardians in their fight against the Red Army, and players will also see ships coming and going as they drop off and pick up Guardians who make their way into and out of the fight.

You can look for Destiny 2 to launch for the Xbox One and PS4 starting September 6th, 2017, and in the following month in October for PC.


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