Devoid Of Shadows, Old-School Vampire Dungeon Crawler Available On Steam

Devoid of Shadows

If you’re a fan of the old Legacy of Kain games – I’m talking about the one where you played as Kain in an isometric, hack-and-slash RPG adventure – then you might want look into N-Game Studios and ArsLogica LP’s Devoid of Shadows, which has recently released on Steam.

The independently made title is a throwback to the classic dungeon crawlers of old, putting gamers in the role of a vampire traveling through rogue-like environments on an ARPG quest to grow stronger, advance your castle, and venture through the winding, twisting, dangerous halls of a dungeon labyrinth.

There are 21 levels in the labyrinth, and the world randomly generates for each new game, so you’ll have plenty of new things to uncover and experience as you battle your way through the creatures of the night, minions of evil and the decrepit flesh of the undead.

You can check out the game’s trailer below to get an idea of what the gameplay is like and whether or not it’s worth your time.

The developers claim that it’s a throwback to the hack and slash games from the early 2000s, inspired by titles like Die by the Sword.

As you battle through the dungeons and loot new gear, you can then upgrade your castle and your character, earn runes and magic to increase your character’s power, and either advance your abilities in magic or melee combat.

Obviously, though, it’s a game that could have benefited from some tender, love and care in Early Access. I think the concept and look isn’t bad, but the stiff and practically non-existent hit-detection animations fused with the clicky-style magic attack animations can really take a gamer out of the experience.

If they could smooth out the character’s melee attacks, improve the way the characters react to getting hit by magic, and make the magic attack animations look a bit more dynamic and fluid, I think they might have an a-okay rogue-like dungeon crawler on their hands.

At the moment, Devoid of Shadows is available for PC for $17.99 over on the Steam store.

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