Die Young Update Adds Trader, New Weapons, Throwable Items

DIe Young Update

IndieGala’s Die Young has become somewhat of a sleeper success during its current run on Early Access. The survival that sees players in the role of an ambitious young woman who has been reduced to a struggling captive on a mysterious island, has recently been updated with some game-changing new content.

Over on the Steam community page, IndieGala updated gamers with some of the new content featured in Die Young. This includes an all new trade and barter system with an NPC who will have some nifty items for you to peruse. The merchant is located in the Holm Oak Thicket, and there players will discover more of the story and gameplay elements.

Additionally, there are new weapons for you to gather up and use, but they don’t reveal in the changelog what these weapons are. I suppose this is sort of a good thing as it encourages players to experiment and find these new weapons to see how they handle in the actual game.

Throwable items have also been added to the game. You won’t be using these to damage enemies so much as you’ll use throwables to distract enemies. You can throw objects to distract nearby foes to “clear your path”. Your success rate mileage may vary.

They’ve also added brand new death animations, whether you’re being mauled on by dogs or brutally ripped apart by mobs… all new cinematic deaths have been included in the latest update.

Some aesthetic upgrades have also been included, such as particle-based butterflies and fauna, along with dragonflies and other effects to help bring the wildlife and outdoor idyllic areas to life.

The game itself centers around attempting to escape from an island, while also trying to uncover what happened to your friends and why so many other people have died young on the island. It’s one part survival, one part horror, and one part mystery.

Die Young is available right now in Early Access over on the Steam store for $14.99.

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