Dynasty Warriors 9 Gameplay Videos Show Off Xiahou Dun And Cheng Pu

Two new videos featuring Xiahou Dun and Cheng Pu are now up showing what Dynasty Warriors 9 has to offer in its early state. The new gameplay videos run well over 15 minutes in length. Koei Tecmo and Omega Force’s musou game is set to release in Japan for PS4.

After two videos surfaced from ChinaJoy 2017, Koei Tecmo and Omega Force released yet another gameplay video of Dynasty Warriors 9 featuring Xiahou Dun. The new video comes in from Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong 2017 and is followed by a recently published video at ChinaJoy 2017 that shows Cheng Pu in action.

Something worth keeping in mind before watching the videos is that according to Akihiro Suzuki, the Executive Officer and affiliate for Omega Force, the demo version of Dynasty Warriors 9 difficulty was altered so that no mishaps would happen during the demonstration:

“In the actual game if you want to climb the walls you’ll be shot at by enemy soldiers. The reason why the enemy did not react to Guan Yu was because we purposefully altered the AI to prevent a mess up (a.k.a. Dying in an embarrassing way) during demonstration, in the actual game (the enemy) will leap at you like hungry wolves.”

The two new videos hold technical issues and other rough features, however seeing that the game is a ways out from releasing to the public to consume it will likely present better and more polished features.

The first video showing Xiahou Dun comes in by PlayStation HK, and the actual gameplay footage itself starts from 16:19 to 33:16.

Next up comes a video by Lu Bu Feng Xian showing Change Pu. The new video runs for 30 minutes in length and can be seen below.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will come out for PS4 and is set to release in Japan. However the game has no release date in Japan nor does it have a Western release date. Additionally, more information on Dynasty Warriors 9 can be found by visiting koeitecmo.com.


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