EA Confirms Next Battlefield Game Will Come Out In 2018
Battlefield 2018

The next Battlefield game is in the works as we speak. During EA’s most recent financial call, CEO Andrew Wilson mentioned that next year the company will continue delivering for its Battlefield fans, which includes the next “great game in the franchise”.

If you love or hate what EA and DICE are doing with Battlefield 1, there is another game in the ongoing series of all-out-war that will drop in 2018 for folks to look forward to. There are some fans that regard Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and even post launch/updated Battlefield 4 (sans launch) to be good titles in the series and hope that BF 2018 holds similar features.

Nevertheless, the focus on the next BF game is said to be on “advancing” the title for “players on every platform” to enjoy. The above was followed by the company wanting to deliver new and compelling ways to discover, engage and enjoy the upcoming game.

According to Wilson, the new BF game is said to be the “richest Battlefield experience” yet, although that shouldn’t be taken too literal given that we have no idea what the game will be like at launch.

Looking over to the rumor mill that has been circulating for a while now, many fans want to see a Korean War take in the BF series, which would opt for mountainous, sea-based, close-quarters city combat, air-focused WW2 and jet-fighter conflicts. The setting would bring familiar World War 2 weapons and new hardware to the table, while at the same time offering a fresh experience with a wide variety of nations clashing.

Fans also want a new Battlefield 2142, however some hardcore fans of the series believe the next entry will be Battlefield Hardline 2. The reason behind this is that DICE is developing the second of the four upcoming BF1 DLCs — The Name of the Tsar, Turning Tide, and Apocalypse — and is working on Star Wars: Battlefront 2, pointing to another developer helping with BF 2018, much like how Hardline followed Battlefield 4.

There is no validity behind the above fan claims, but what EA and DICE have in store for fans regarding the next Battlefield game will likely be teased sometime soon leading up to the game’s 2018 release.

Are you excited for a new Battlefield game? And if so, would you like to see it in a more modern or futuristic setting?


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