Enlightenment, Rogue-like Game Set To Hit Steam On August 4th

Fans of rogue-like games have yet another title to look forward to that will be hitting Steam Early Access very soon, which is Coconut Island Games and LizardKing’s Enlightenment. The game is set to hit PC via Steam come August 4th.

Enlightenment is an action-shooter game with heavy doses of rogue-like features nestled into its core. The narrative is said to be “unlinear” and tasks players on an adventure into a wasteland, flaunting a mysterious dungeon known as The Ark. Enlightenment invites the curious and fans of rogue-like genres to indulge in a “risky journey” plagued by a monstrous “crisis.”

As for the story of Enlightenment, the content explaining said rogue-like game lies below for you to read over:

“An asteroid wiped out civilization as we know it. Some wasteland tramp discovered that the asteroid shards grant possessors unexplained powers; so they founded this cult, calling it the ‘Scientific Church of Enlightenment’ and this ‘Church of Enlightenment’ built the Ark and they built a whole city around it. It’s gonna be where the restoration of humanity starts, they said. But just look around you; these streets are all empty, not a soul to be seen at all now.”

The underground settlement — often referred to as The Ark — is a dim complex that houses the dead bodies and the debased minded who dared to enter unprepared. The game tests the skill of players to see if they are yet another collection to the complex or a hero in the making.

“In Enlightenment, you play in a roguelike action-shooter with a fast-paced challenging journey deep into a underground complex called “the Ark”. Players will be tested by large varieties of enemies in a procedurally-generated dungeon, and become stronger by learning from the inevitable deaths.”

The developers not too long ago posted up the latest Enlightenment trailer along with its Steam Early Access page, which the former is up for your viewing pleasure.

As noted above, Enlightenment is set to drop on August 4th for PC via Steam Early Access. Additional information on this game can be found by checking out its main site.


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