Escape From Tarkov Closed Beta Now Available For PC

Battlestate Games has released the latest closed beta build of Escape From Tarkov for the public to participate in for PC. The dev team announced new changes, fixes and a new location named Shoreline that is now featured in the first-person shooter.

The closed beta phase for Escape From Tarkov is a new milestone for the first-person shooter and brings some noteworthy changes, which happen to be accompanied by a new location named Shoreline. Additionally, players will find re-balance of existing locations, better items, more medical equipment, a better assortment of weapons and weapon modifications, and a general chat to find raid partners.

Moreover, we learn from head of Battlestate Games, Nikita Buyanov, about some additional details regarding the closed beta and what’s going to be new during Escape From Tarkov’s CBT:

“In recent months we have done a formidable job optimizing the speed and stability of the game, and fixed a lot of errors. Our main task is to make it comfortable to play for everyone. Therefore, I hope that players will understand the precautions we took with the gradual admission process. Of course, the development of the game doesn’t stop there. It will grow richer with features and content with every consecutive update, as soon as they are ready. For example, the closed beta testing will be soon expanded with the quest system.”

That’s right, the closed beta will be expanded and will soon feature a quest system for players to partake in. Likewise, you can check out what new things have been added to Escape From Tarkov via the latest Closed Beta trailer.

Following that trailer comes avid military FPS player OperatorDrewski, who happens to take viewers through the updated version of Escape From Tarkov, whilst showing the Shoreline location and other new features.

More information on Escape From Tarkov can be found by heading on over to the game’s main website.


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