Jurassic Park: Fan-Made CryEngine Project Now In Development

Fan-made projects based on movies and games and other mediums surface every now and then in a complete package, but on most occasions they pop up in an unfinished state during development. Well, a new fan-made game that was recently announced running on CryEngine sees Jurassic Park re-imagined in a 3D adventure title for PC.

According to publication site DSOG, a new fan-made game is currently in development for PC and sees the world of Jurassic Park recreated in video game form… but in a very early state, though. The new and upcoming game comes from developer Lifelessstapir and is powered by Crytek’s CryEngine.

Furthermore, according to the site that first picked up on the Jurassic Park fan-made game, it is believed to be a walking simulator with no dinosaurs. However. there is no word as to whether the game will be a walking sim on release — assuming the project isn’t met with a C&D letter during its time in development.

Players will be sent back to the year 1996 to visit the dinosaur park. The  information comes from the dev’s main website, as noted below:

“So I wanted to make my own game where you can explore the park in the year 1996 (the accident in 1993 has never happened ).


The story is that you’re a new employee in Jurassic Park while the park is closed because it’s under construction of a new part of the tour.”

It’s worth noting that the dev is kinda new to the development scene, but it doesn’t mean that he has no experience at all in making a game, I mean we have some “Triple A” titles coming out that need Day 1 Patches and release like a mess with a price tag attached. Anyway, you can see his interpretation of Jurassic Park in the screenshots below.

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I should reiterate that lone developer Lifelesstapir hasn’t revealed whether there will be dinosaurs in the game or not, but if dinos do make it in, I hope that the game features solid animations and mechanics given that there will be exploration features nestled in the game like Jeeps and ATVs.

There’s no telling if the fan-made project will see the light of day, but you can head on over to lifelesstapir.wixsite.com to see if the project is something worth following.

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