Fight Knight Quickly Surpasses Kickstarter Goal, Features Medieval Brawling Action
Fight Knight

If you’re of the mind that most games these days are recycled pieces of trash, cashing in on the mobile microtransaction craze and filled to the brim with uninteresting and over-priced DLC attached to ideas borne from greed and doused in a derivatively bland sauce, you’re going to love what Thomas Leblanc and crew are working on right now.

The name of the game is called Fight Knight, and it’s nothing like the recycled, annual AAA trash we’ve been seeing all too often across the gaming marketplace. It puts players in a dark ‘ole dungeon as a kick-butt knight who can beat the living crap out of the undead using nothing but his fists. If this already sounds like a rocking romp through the righteous revets of adungeon, you haven’t seen anything yet. Check out the promo video below and have your balls blown.

If all goes as planned, Leblanc and the rest of the team have plans on releasing Fight Knight up and out on PC by June of 2018 next year. They’ve already accrued more than $22,000 as of the writing of this article, and they were only seeking $10,000 to help finish off the game.

Unlike other dungeon crawlers and roguelikes out there, Fight Knight is being called a “bombastic” first-person dungeon brawler where you crawl through the treacherous twists and turns of a dark medieval universe, engaging in instanced battles with all manner of the undead and ghastly creatures from the crawlspace crevice.

If you’re not entirely convinced that this is a game worth backing or playing (but given that it’s already funded it doesn’t really matter if you back it anyway), Leblanc and crew did release a public alpha demo that you can download right now from over on the page.

The game itself features dodging, blocking, punching and special attacks. It’s a little bit like a first-person version of Super Punch-Out, or that old OG Xbox game Breakdown.

The fast-paced fighting and arcade-style approach reminds me of something that should have been released back in 1997 but somehow didn’t make the cut. This kind of old-school, romp and fun, run and punch brawler seems like it could be a good way to burn some time or just kick it in a live-stream on Twitch.

Either way, if you want more info, an opportunity to pledge to the Kickstarter, or to grab a link to the demo, feel free to visit the Fight Knight Kickstarter page.


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