Fire Pro Wrestling World Guide: Tips And Tricks On How To Play

The original Fire Pro Wrestling by Human Entertainment was and still is a complex game. The latest Fire Pro Wrestling World by Spike Chunsoft is no different, and hopefully this guide will help out newcomers. Fire Pro Wrestling World is out now for PC via Steam Early Access.

Notice: Given the demand of new players seeking help this guide will hopefully be something of use. However, given that Fire Pro Wrestling World is in Early Access, minor and major changes are bound to take place in the future which could differ to the information in this very guide.

The Burning Pro or Fire Pro Wrestling games offered a complex fighting system for their time, which hampers those who button mash and gives those who use skill and technique the upper-hand in matches.

In addition to the above, the two videos below cover how to play Fire Pro Wrestling World and how to obtain and play custom characters like Sting, Seth Rollins, Bob Ross, Hulk Hogan, Fair Bear, Dean Ambros, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and much more.

The first video that stands to be in this guide to helping new players comes in from YouTuber Free Play Mode.

Next up comes a video on how to play custom characters from the steam Workshop. I know there are a lot of people out there who think that this is common knowledge and all, but there are some folks out there who have no ideal how to download custom characters and then play them in game. The video below comes in by YouTuber TonyPizzaGuy, and stands to show all of the above.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is out now for PC via Steam Early Access. As of now the game runs for $19.99, which additional info on the pro wrestling game can be found over on its Steam update page.


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