For Honor Will Finally Get Dedicated Servers
For Honor

Ubisoft unveiled the roadmap for For Honor, revealing the development schedule for the hack-and-slash fantasy game. The upcoming updates will include new game features, a new training mode and dedicated server support, something gamers had been asking for since before the game released.

The press release indicates that a lot of the changes will be rolled out over the next two seasons leading into 2018. There’s no actual ETA on when the dedicated servers will actually go live, but they’re supposedly top priority for Ubisoft.

Roman Campos-Oriola, the creative director on For Honor, commented in the press release, saying…

“Since launch, our team has worked diligently to identify and correct issues that were not apparent with our testing and live phases,” “The For Honor roadmap is how we plan to build a stronger game through elements like dedicated servers. We are committed to our players and look to offer long-term support for the game.”

It may be too little, too late. Gamers warned Ubisoft well ahead of the game’s launch that dedicated servers needed to be on the table, but they didn’t listen. Connection woes and online issues ensued.

In addition to the dedicated servers and the new training mode, they’re also adding a new duel tournament, which includes support for ranked 4-vs-4 matches, and a new 4-vs-4 PvP game mode that they didn’t detail in the press release.

New seasons will be added as well, including new seasonal updates taking place in August and November.

For Honor started off like a pretty cool concept but slowly and surely Ubisoft ended up Ubiing it up. The game was originally pitched as a sort of new-school version of Bushido Blade, where realism, weight, stances and timing were key for success. However, as more details came out about the game and when the beta tests finally happened, it became apparent that it was just another Ubisoft game.

Even with dedicated servers and additional content dropping in August and November, it may be too late to win back any interest from the community at large.


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