Fortnite Cinematic Launch Trailer Showcases Team’s Diverse Co-op Antics

Epic Games released the cinematic launch trailer for Fortnite, which will enter into Early Access on July 25th. The trailer is a short look at the core classes you’ll start off with at the beginning of the game, highlighting Epic’s push toward the diversity agenda quite prevalent in today’s media.

The trailer is nearly four minutes long, with the grown-up renditions of the after-school special crew raiding a tore up looking fast food store for goods.

You can check out the trailer below from MKIceandFire.

The soldier girl leads a group consisting of a big builder, a black guy pretending to be a samurai, and an Asian guy who is a weeb pretending to be a cool Asian guy.

The quartet of token qualifiers happen upon a mother and her child, and attempt to rescue them as a storm of zombies approaches.

The pixar-style approach to the animations is pretty obvious, mimicking the happy-go-lucky action fanfare that’s been present in a lot of Western media such as Blizzard’s Overwatch.

We finally see some of the elements that will apply to the gameplay when the four heroes begin to construct traps and barricades to fight off the zombie horde.

Things go well for the dynamic diversity crew just up until a giant magic zombie bursts into the room and makes quick work of the black guy and Asian guy cosplayers, and then Tracer-without-her-chrono-accelerator gets bopped off to the side, allowing for the builder to toss the black guy cosplayer overhead to cut down a giant burger and squash the boss.


I don’t know if that’s actually part of the gameplay, though, because nothing I’ve seen of the game indicates that you can actually jump over a zombie and cute a rope and then squash them with a trap. Then again, the trailer is made to make Fortnite look like a fun, entertaining co-op experience as opposed to actually showcasing things you can do in the actual game. Whether or not they achieve the “fun” and “entertaining” part will be determined when the game enters into Early Access on July 25th.

So far it doesn’t look like Epic is aiming to release the game on Steam, but if that’s really the case then it’s likely going to be dead-on-arrival.


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