Foxhole, Persistent Multiplayer War Game Set To Hit Steam Soon

Once featured on Steam Greenlight and now on Steam’s “Coming Soon” page is Foxhole, a game from publisher and developer Clapfoot. The multiplayer war game set in a persistent alternate world war affected by every action by every player, is set to release for PC via Steam Early Access sometime “soon.”

Looking for a strategy war game that is set in a persistent world? Sporting a playable demo build right now over on and Steam, indie devs Clapfoot has its war game featured on Steam Early Access “Coming Soon” page. If you want to learn more about this title, Foxhole’s official description is up for your reading pleasure.

“Foxhole is a massively multiplayer game where you will work with hundreds of players to shape the outcome of a persistent online war. This is the ultimate game of collaborative strategy and tactics. Every action you take can have a powerful effect across a world in a state of war.”

Before explaining the game further, two videos detailing what can be done and what is currently established in FoxHole can be seen below thanks to FoxholeGames.

Noted as a sandbox warfare title that determines the narrative of a long term war through player actions, each battle can be manipulated through manufacturing and base building to form actual defense and offense lines.

Each player’s presence will stay active whether online or offline, raising the stakes of each battle in that positioning is key to come out alive. Additionally, positioning can play another important role due to destructible environments determining your survival, which can either reveal your positioning on the field or can be used as cover.

If this alternate world war universe game seems intriguing to you, more information on the top-down, tactical combat title can be found through the given links by hitting up or Steam.


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