Fringe Wars Trailer Previews Space-Sim MOBA’s Customization Features
Fringe Wars

A new customization trailer was let loose for the 5-vs-5 MOBA from Oasis Games. The trailer is just over a minute long, covering the different ways to customize and outfit your space vessel in Fringe Wars.

Oasis’ new trailer spends a bit of time setting up the ship customization feature, where players are able to choose their ship class and then deck it out with weapons before heading into battle with nine other players. You can see the new trailer and ship customization feature in action below.

Briefly we get to see that ship types can be selected, ranging from small scout ships to what appears to be mid-sized corvettes. The advantage of the smaller scout classes is that they have high maneuverability and a low damage threshold. So you’ll get blown up easy but at the same time youcan dodge missiles and weave between debris with ease.

As showcased in the video, the corvettes can lob a hail storm of missiles and projectiles at enemy targets, taking them out quite easily. The corvette class also has high shields and high hull capacity, meaning they can take a real licking and keep on ticking. The downside is obviously that the corvettes are slow on the move and have poor maneuverability.

It reminds me of a smaller scale version of Dreadnaught, which is very, very similar in concept. Both games center around 5-on-5 bouts with MOBA-style objectives. The major difference between both games is that you get more customization and personalization in the ship choices in Fringe Wars, where-as you’re stuck with more prefab choices in Dreadnaught.

There’s an upcoming closed beta test on the horizon for Fringe Wars, so depending on if the game strikes your fancy or not, you can sign up over on the official Fringe Wars website.


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