Galaxy In Turmoil Playable Demo Set To Launch Q3 2017

Not too long ago, an update went up by Frontwire Studios showing that its game Galaxy In Turmoil will be playable via a demo for PC on Steam come Q3 2017. The game that seeks to keep Star Wars: Battlefront 3 going, but through a Sci-Fi cyberpunk universe, is set to release across PC and PS4.

If you don’t know, Frontwire Studios is working on a game called Galaxy in Turmoil. The upcoming game is powered by the Unreal Engine 4, and will sport 32 Vs. 32 player maps with full ground to space battles and an all new never before seen “competitive mode.”

Before jumping into the latest news, back on January 25th, 2016, Frontwire Studios began an attempt to produce an unofficial Star Wars: Battlefront 3 game called Galaxy in Turmoil. The fan made game was heavily based on Free Radical Design’s Battlefront 3, and has since grown into a space cyberpunk-themed game of its own.

I know that you are probably thinking that Frontwire Studios will receive a C&D letter, however the team cannot face any form of cease and desist due to Galaxy in Turmoil using its very own assets, music and other in-house designs made from the ground up, which in turn makes Galaxy in Turmoil a separate entity from Star Wars Battlefront 3.

Entitled as “Dev Blog #1,” Frontwire Studios released a video explaining some of the hurdles and progress the team has made, as seen below, the video contains work on a mill and how the team managed to create said structure.

Below is another video, except this other video shows a part of Star Wars Battlefront 3 ground to space mechanic. I should note that the video is a system test and doesn’t actually show the full process, but we can see when the alien-like character starts running on ground and then floats into space.

There are two ways to play Galaxy In Turmoil, the first being that you register with the Frontwire Studios community and upon joining the community, you’ll be able to interact directly with the staff, take part in events and promotions, provide your input on surveys that will shape the future of the team’s game(s) and even get access to the Galaxy in Turmoil Beta. The second way is to wait until Q3 2017.

More information can be found on Galaxy in Turmoil by hitting or


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