Game Critics Become Butthurt After Being Roasted By YouTuber Dunkey
Game Critics
(Last Updated On: July 10, 2017)

A near-nine minute video from YouTuber Dunkey spends a majority of the time pointing out all the basic stuff most of us already know about video game reviewers and critics: they aren’t very good at their jobs or they just don’t represent the gaming community the way they should.

If you listen to TotalBiscuit, Jim Sterling or any other YouTuber out there who actually plays games (or mostly plays games), they’re usually pretty hard on the current culture of the so-called professional game reviewing circle… well, unless it’s a friend of Jim Sterling or it’s his buddies from the GameJournoPros list and then he’ll turn face, bend over, and spread those buns like it came out of a 13oz Ballpark pack, ripe and ready for the wiener of nepotism.

Anyway, you can check out the video below from Dunkey called “Game Critics”. It’s a bit all over the map, but his invective is in the right place.

After excoriating the current review landscape of video game journalists, a lot of the comment section noticed something strange happening on the social media front.

The last comment actually highlights some of the subversive commentary of the video itself. It dissects the fact that it’s tough for a lot of reviewers to justify their end means.

Dunkey illustrates this by doing what the game reviewers do; he loses focus.

However, he brings it back on track by pointing out that after having lost focus, many reviewers then resort to giving the game a score that sometimes belies what they were talking about beforehand. So you’re left with a diatribe that ends with a 9.1, or a piece praising a game that ends with a 6, and the only thing you can do is scratch your head about a score that doesn’t match the review content, sort of like the drapes and carpet not matching the furniture in Caitlin Jenner’s basement.

Game reviewers, however, were angry at this; no, they were furious. Twitter, for most game journalists, recently became a home for a chaotic pity-party called dejection.

Actually, his point was that there needs to be consistency from larger outlets so that gamers have an understanding of trust and reliability between the staff and the content they output. Several dozen writers with varying opinions contradicting each other in their reviews creates dissonance amongst gamers when it comes to trust. Someone may have liked one Mario game but a different person hated the sequel because they didn’t play the first game.

EGM rectified this problem by having multiple reviewers review a single game and then they would include snippets of those reviews in the magazine, giving gamers a reason to understand why different reviewers had different opinions about a title.

Others like Scottie Stephan claimed gamers just weren’t high-minded enough to be on his level of interactive entertainment critiques.

Even Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson chimed in, a regular entrant for material and the prime culprit for making #GamerGate as big and as notorious as it was.

Another member of the GameJournoPros and one of IGN’s own, Dan Stapleton, also took a similar view to Stephan, claiming that the unwashed masses like Dunkey and his followers just don’t understand how criticism works.

Dunkey, mind you, has more than 3.6 million subscribers… so he likely has more people willing to listen to his criticism than there are people who even know who Dan Stapleton is.

There’s a consistent pattern of members from the GameJournoPros speaking out against Dunkey – likely after the content was shared in the GJP 2.0 group – and are now voicing their displeasure through social media in order to rack up virtue signaling points and accost Dunkey’s point of view with a torrent of groupthink newspeak in order to sway the masses.

Thankfully, since #GamerGate a lot of people who are aware of the media’s corruption aren’t too keen to fall for it, and there are definitely a lot more people who seem to be supportive of Dunkey’s point of view than the original gaming media’s point of view.

(Thanks for the news tip giygas)

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Billy has been rustling Jimmies for years covering video games, technology and digital trends within the electronics entertainment space. The GJP cried and their tears became his milkshake. Need to get in touch? Try the Contact Page.

  • Feli Aslan

    I think holding a well thought of rand on twitter about how less one cares about the opinion of others is one of the most effective ways to show how less ones cares about this, directly after bitching in front of the UN because Sempai was mean.

  • Blake

    Dunkey is literally the only good youtube with over 1 million subscribers

  • Gaijin-

    First time I hear about this guy. Went into his channel, watched the Zelda video. Bookmarked.

  • Phasmatis75

    I used to write for a website (a no named website that died because the admins lacks vision) and ran my own blog till a larger outlet stole my story and then everyone credited to them. Killed my enthusiasm for doing it. Anyway I can say that the websites are more interested in business than they are legitimately informing the consumers.

    This is why I ended up ceasing writing for the website I wrote for (I basically was doing with One Angry Gamer does here but on are slightly larger scale, to a point they had to ask if they could give the gaming news it’s own section because it was drowning out everything else), it came down to Bioshock Infinite. One of the admins said to me “who cares if the game is bad…” to the effect that it was going to get positive coverage. I’m a stickler for my principals so I was out.

    Reviews should be written in a way that takes out potential bias or reveals how much of a liar you are. I created my system to be an average of 5 categories, and each you’d have to justify the score. Categories were: Gaming, Graphics, Presentation (story, menus, today I’d include in game instructions), Value (hours to dollars, replayability,) and a last category that is purely subjective Fun.

    Most reviews are just adverps for the product, but you Donkey is right. You have to learn the bias of the reviewer through consistency. For instance, not to pick on Billy here, but I wouldn’t be interested in his opinion on anything Nintendo since i know he’s a huge fanboy for Nintendo. I’d want a more neutral opinion, but he is consistent on giving random none triple A games some good attention so I love hearing what he says about it along with commentary such as above.

    Donkey went nice on these critics. They often don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, they’re biased in favor of the dollar and advertisement revenue and if you don’t think a major outlet will drop you if your review score is too low you are kidding yourself and haven’t paid attention to companies like EA getting journalists fired for honest review, and ultimately are just here because they couldn’t get a job anywhere else and they absolutely hate writing about gaming.

    Enthusiasts like Billy, Niche gamer staff, and myself didn’t stand a chance until Gamergate showed enough gamers that the main websites were biased, cohorting liars, and that they are also highly unethical. Youtubers are even worse until the FCA forced them to reveal when it was a paid deal. My personal opinion is everyone in the industry needs a paid placement policy and it should be viable to everyone.

    A good one is this: Money gets you air time (article, video), not preferable coverage. All air time will be labeled paid. Any advertisements will be disclosed in articles and reviews so people know we have a biased interest. Sadly it took a consumer revolt to get half of that. Still it’s funny to watch these people squirm when they’re knocked from their lofty perch.

    • Mr.Towel

      Your tale on Bioshock: Infinite and the tale of Jeff Gerstmann on Kane & Lynch: Dead Man should be more known. It tells much about this industry, much before GG. I don’t think the MSM would last much if the younger generations grow up very aware of it.

      My sincere condolences to you for this rotten industry.

      • Phasmatis75

        Thank you for your condolences. It was an okay website, most of the people were in (surprise surprise) California but I’m out here in Michigan. Honestly no the MSM wouldn’t last long if people knew more about it. Most of this stuff you can find mention of here and there. Backroom deals, advertisement creating bias, paid articles, etc. Our website was small so it was never going to get backroom deals, but they were working on sponsorship from some company.

        I just enjoyed covering gaming news, and I did. One admin was okay the other was kind of an idiot (the one who was like good coverage because it’s popular). The other admin he pretty much game me free reign to write as I saw fit provided I could back up what I said and didn’t go to far.

        A big instance was when EA was marketing Kingdoms of Amalur. They had this big news story that went around to every website, so of course we had to cover it as well. We were small so we weren’t privy to the first round news, but it was a simple story. Their playtesters over 8 days spent 200 hours in the game. On the surface it sounded honest but something didn’t sit right with me. I did some quick math while working on an article sceptical of that claim and there was only 192 hours in 8 days. I further then looked up the average work hours for a playtester, calculated the abusive overtime, and guessed at how long the game would legitimately be since there was no way it lasted 200 hours. I was spot on.

        Now I wasn’t privy to the site information, but I guess the article really took off. A lot of people were pissed that we were questioning how long the game was going to be and the merits of why. Good Admin stood up and defended the article saying it’s information that consumers might want to know when making their decision. Privately I said that I went to get screenshots to back some assertions in the article and ever website had changed their story to a generic 200 hour quote. Good admin said we weren’t pulling the article because he had seen the other articles with the quote.

        Essentially they wanted the website to be a one stop shop for geek culture, good idea, but the others couldn’t write as fast as I could. Pity the site died, it was a good project I just wasn’t going to agree with giving positive coverage to a game I knew personally was absolute garbage. The good admin understood, though I’m sure he wasn’t happy about it.

        I’ve thought about reaching out to some of these new sites and offering to write for them, but I’m just not sure I still have the passion I once did. The worse incident that happened was when I went out on my own. Made my own website, it was doing okay until I finally hit it big with a Skryrim leak. Boom 20k views within hours, I was extactic. It was the article that was going to establish my small following.

        Another website then stole my article’s information and claimed they were the originators of the information. Despite my article being on Reddit for 4 hours with a thousand upvotes, and on a sharing site with equally good responses. Every corrupt website then sourced them as the originator of this information. It was like having a knife plunged into my chest. It killed me, to watch my website lose all the views it should have gotten being the originator of the information, because of the corruption in the industry. After that I just let it die. I didn’t have the heart anymore.

        Industry is corrupt. That’s for sure. Still I love video games. Especially some smaller team projects that really deserve some love and attention.

        Owe you’ll probably find this funny, but I joined another person in running a facebook page for nerd culture as well. We weren’t the owner but the owner never did anything, so we were free to shitpost as we saw fit and shit post we did. Hanging out on the chans gave me some kick ass videos to share, so once the group picked up steam the owner came back to milk it. He was of course an SJW as it turned out. One of the ones that can actually hide it but still pushes their agenda.

        He eventually started complaining because I loved to call the industry out on their bullshit and he wanted to work in the industry, so me calling Bethesda on their shady behaviors were hurting his prospects. He also wanted to expand the page into it’s own website, which ran into some issues. It was fine that we were sharing anything and everything, sourcing when we could when we were just a nobody page doing it for fun, but doing it for profit would be difficult to get around sharing.

        Not a problem if we can sign some exclusivity deals, but I digress. He eventually started some stuff with me, and I decided that our visions were completely different and parted ways with the project civily as I tend to do. Leaving a post about our ideologies clashing, which our readers immediately knew meant he was an SJW cause everyone knew I was not.

        Here’s the thing about shooting your golden goose. It kills your project. Just like with the website not replacing me, the page only had the owner (as my fellow poster didn’t like the restrictions put on him and was becoming busy) and some streamer that was spamming his crappy videos on our page (which after he started some stuff I removed him since I was basically admin which is what led to my whole departure). Page died afterward.

        Moral of this story is always be careful who you trust. I’m fairly up front with my readers, I don’t hide who I am mostly so no one can in the future ever use it against me. A lot of other sites push progressivism silently by controlling what they say and who they call out on what.

        There are more people financing the left then there are people financing the right. Always look for actions rather than pretty words. Only the most masterful of liars lies with their actions. Everyone else just gives themselves away this way. Take Escapist for example, while saying they cared about honestly were pumping out anti gamer videos till it hurt their bottom line.

        • Mr.Towel

          Amazing stories, reading such posts is always a blast. Wish I could upvote more.

          I know many must have told you this already but I think you should give another try, on your own terms. Since GG, the landscape has changed, it’s still shit, but in a different way. I mean, we have big companies like Play-Asia shitposting on twitter. Even Steelseries is doing it sometimes. There’s more safety nets, more people to cover your back. Even more if your livelihood doesn’t depend on it. If it does, you’re obliged to know when to lower your head but that doesn’t seem to be the case. You seem courageous, would be pretty resilient against threats, our current landscape needs this.

          I can relate to your flame dimming out though. I once had dreams about becoming a coder in this industry but the publishers and indies have set the bar so low that I simply gave up on it. Wouldn’t be a rewarding job, I wouldn’t feel proud of my work. It would be a pretty depressing dead end job actually. A man has many passions, I can focus my energies and feel fulfilled from something else. I can understand not wanting to meddle with this shit. I have nothing but respect from guys like Billy who do have the resilience to endure all this bullshit.

          • Phasmatis75

            I can completely agree with needing to be proud of your work. It’s why I didn’t go into law. Outside natural law and constitutional law I realized I’d hate my life every day in the field.

            If you are interested in learning coding, but don’t want to drop a lot of money on it, I’d recommend Udemy. It’s a pretty minimal investment, and plenty of small teams are doing some pretty amazing things now a days. Even one man studios are churning out some amazing projects. Might not be able to go triple A or AA levels of quality, but perhaps you could make a game of your liking in your free time and then release it for others to enjoy.

            Right now I don’t feel the time is right for me to return to the industry. I have too much going on in my life and frankly I’m just not super passionate like I was. Maybe one day I’ll do it, but right now it’s not in the cards. Thanks for the support though.

          • Mr.Towel

            Thanks for the suggestion. What I meant is that I already know coding, specialized in Assembly and C, I could take pedal to the metal layerless hardware coding positions if I wanted to. But aside from midleware companies, nobody cares about these kind of coding in the games industry anymore. My work wouldn’t be appreciated. Actually, since smartphones won the portability wars, the army are the only ones still caring about my kind of coding since in that field lack of optimization means either useless expending or lots of dead people. Even driver/kernel manufacturers and middlwares developers are going much wider than they should on their coding. I would never feel proud of my work by going higher than C++ and going higher is becoming the norm in the games industry. Even when coders go for C++ they don’t even use the fucking pointers. I would nerd rage in a game dev office all day long. Wouldn’t be nice. Maybe I would fit well in a porting studio but then I would be forever chained to port other people’s game. It’s a dead end job.

            I’m a dying a breed, don’t mind my ramblings.

            Anyways, I hope to see you writing again someday. This industry has too much spineless people. Men like you and Billy are always in demand.

          • Phasmatis75

            I’ll not pretend I fully understand what you are saying, but I get the gist of it. You seem passionate, and that is awesome, wouldn’t mind these kinds of ramblings at all.

            I appreciate the sentiment, I do really do, but I’m not sure I have the passion to go back into gaming journalism. I’m thinking about getting off my ass and writing some fiction again. Rather enjoy doing that for fun now and again. Got a few short pieces out, and plenty of ideas. I’m not half bad, mid end I’d say. I’ve read better and I’ve seen worse published. 🙂

          • Mr.Towel

            Ah, fiction does scratch the writing itch. Good writers are always in demand, in any industry. Go for it!

          • Mr.Towel

            Ah, fiction does scratch the writing itch. Good writers are always in demand, in any industry. Go for it!

    • totenglocke

      Funny that you mentioned since they’re hurting for money, but readers are hesitant to donate due to the horrific behavior of one of their most prominent employees (Michael Jordan). He basically did his own version of “Gamers are Dead” by writing multiple articles and posting a few YouTube videos attacking their readers after they criticized his horribly written clickbait “review” for Breath of the Wild that was released almost a month after launch.

      Before that bullshit, they were my favorite site and I’d have gladly chipped in a few bucks a month. Not now, though…

      • Phasmatis75

        Not to mention he defended Ubisoft and it’s anti America game along with Anita Sarkesian. I wouldn’t mind helping them by writing a few articles a week, but as long as they have him I wouldn’t life a finger or spend a dime.

  • MusouTensei

    I feel like “Gamers Are Dead 2” is not far away.

  • durka durka

    “well, unless it’s a friend of Jim Sterling or it’s his buddies from the GameJournoPros list and then he’ll turn face, bend over, and spread those buns”

    Bf3 7.0, mw3 9.0……..saints row iv 10, gta v 9.0

    Jimbo sterling everyone.

  • Kiryu

    Lol,i love it when the gaming msm gets all butthurt,he touched a nerve it seems.

    • static5225

      Oh, you should’ve seen GAF. It was a complete salt mine.

      • Kiryu


  • InkViper

    I remember the good old days when we used to have templates for game reviews, eg. ( introduction to the game, story, visuals, audio, gameplay, what was good, what was bad, final thoughts and the review score) It may not of made for the most exciting reed, but it certainly covered the necessary talking points, as well as keeping every think on track and to the point without getting sidetracked. Different publications would have different templates, which allowed them to differentiate themselves from one another, but the net benefit of maintaining consistency was always there. Frankly it baffles me now that it became the fashion to have a more open freestyle review system, not only do you lose that consistency for a house review style, but in many cases it’s difficult for consistency to be maintained by the individual reviewer as well. It makes me wonder if this freestyle system came in as a result of more reviewers coming from an education where post modernism was heavily emphasized.

    • Mr.Towel

      I never thought I would miss Gametrailers Video Reviews…

      • InkViper

        I used to love Gametrailers back in the day, but when Shane Satterfield left it all kind of just went pear shape, stopped paying attention to them afterwards, but as you mention it, yeah there review system was decent.

    • It makes me wonder if this freestyle system came in as a result of more reviewers coming from an education where post modernism was heavily emphasized.


      There are multiple discussions about these millennials wanting to get into game reviewing to “critique” them outside of the condition of being a “gamer” and attempting to attract non-gamers to their “art”.

      • InkViper

        Yes, that would explain a lot, sometimes I forget they want to treat games as modernist art, instead of a technological mass consumer product which happens to have artistic merit as a part of it.

    • Phasmatis75

      I remember when IGN was saying that the new Thor game was going to be some awesome, that they played it and it was a blast up until a week before the game launched. Then gave it a deserved 3.something in the review.

  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    I legitimately don’t understand the point of that dunkey video other than to say “IGN sucks because they’re big and aren’t me.”
    People have trouble understanding stuff sometimes and its fine, but how one can legitimately not understand something? Oh wait, Dunkey isnt kissing your ass, has his opinion, shows how stupid people like you are and to hide you are el stupido and provocado, you write shit on twater.

    “I feel like “gamers” don’t really understand purpose of the criticism. It’s always a personal assault to them.”
    Oh the irony, when gamers or their hobby are attacked its criticism by clean and serene “pros” who know what they are talking about, but when press gets pwned or called out on their bullshit its harassment, doxing by basement dwellers who always takes criticism as personal assault.
    Seeing how you “pros” react to one youtuber talking about you and your inconsistencies its very obvious who is really taking criticism as personal assault here. Hell even before this, things gamersgate did show who is really dirty and insecure but you buried it under misinformation. You are like sjws and feminazis, you project things you are guilty of onto those you don’t like.

    “but like, i just don’t really care?”
    Why are you saying writing this and much more about it on twater then?

    Doxing, rape and pedophilia accusations coming to anyone daring to criticize holier than thou game journos soon.

    • Disqusted

      Soon? Pretty sure they’ve been behaving like that all along.

      • ThyPancakeConsumed

        I guess i been living under rock then. I will leave comment as it is tho.

  • Keystone

    I love how these “journalists” are, without fail, too fucking dumb to realize they prove the point(s) of whoever they screech about when they react like this. Every time.

    The view counter and like to dislike ratio on Dunkey’s video would tell a normal person that maybe he’s got more than a few good points and they need to look in the mirror and rectify a few things. But these are ((current year)) game “journalists” so that shit ain’t ever happening.

  • Disqusted

    I’ve always hated “game journalists” because the majority get special previews/goodies and are paid to play games all day, despite often not really caring about games, or most of them not being able to play games for shit. I can’t help but feel like, why are these people getting paid for something I could do better myself?

    Then they proved that they openly take bribes, and prioritize pushing their personal political beliefs over their job to actually review games. Then they used their platform to promote friends and bully anyone who disagrees with them, and create clickbait by slandering innocent devs. They even got busted collaborating to push the same narrative.

    And when they get called out for this shit, they get all pissy and spew lies in self-defense. Like claiming the press release goodies weren’t worth
    anything, while selling them for thousands online. How scummy do you have to be to encompass all of the above?

    That being said, I used to watch Game Informer before they decided to side with Soros and attack gamers, and there were a few times that I was impressed by their skill at SOME games (I recall Dan being good at Mario 2).

    But they also often had extreme colossal failures, because they weren’t paying enough attention to the game during recording, or forgot stuff over long breaks. I noticed they often expected the game itself to be at fault, instead of realizing they themselves forgot something or made a mistake.

    To be fair though, some games do have vague-as-shit solutions. But it’s not really fair to blame the game design if you’re not even paying attention.

    Anyway, compare these people with regular gamers who actually are playing the games, and you can see there’s little need for fraudulent mainstream bullshit. The problem is companies keep giving them exclusive information. They don’t deserve it. Regular people could do a better job at reporting.

    It’s probably like comparing Tim Pool’s investigative journalism to the fake news mainstream’s tweeting echo chamber.

    And I’ve said this many times before, you can’t just boil lengthy meaning down into scores/numbers.

  • lucben999

    How much of a hypocritical little shit do you have to be to work as a critic for a living and have such a thin skin? Fuck these hacks.

    • Disqusted

      Reminds me of Hellschreier getting offended by criticism, after bullying and destroying so many people’s lives.

  • Alistair

    Now I often talk about regression left, what does it all mean?

    Matter of fact when you look it up it has evolved from a muslin thing to present freedom of speech and censorship.

    Haven’t got time to read it fully so I don’t know if it did make reference to gamergate consumer revolt.

    Also if you watch vids on YouTube you often hear regression using progressive views. They called progressive.

    No wonder they backwards lot.

    And it because of these cunts that we have a shitty problem we have today ruining a industry,

    Edit: you notice a trend don’t you, the trend being regression means a lot of things and people hijack that word. To their agenda.

    Limited freedom of speech and censorship covers all form of media including video games etc etc.

    In short take the 1st of the feminist movement years ago and multiple that two times = third wave femmist and regression left is the same.

    Edit: also I hear this one time, and it’s the why they get pissed off by Devs doing questionable stuff.

    One mention they want games to be use games as a educational tools. Or that will be inclusive and diversity comes from.

    Then you can see why we are today censorship Age.

  • Dero

    I’ve watched Sterling play games extensively, he was complete ass at everything except dynasty warriors.

    • durka durka

      which is why he likes dynasty warriors

  • Alistair

    The problem I have with game reviews and criticism of video games is the bais political views.

    some proper websites do mention the questionable content the sexual stuff saying it not their cup of tea. And that fine but then swiftly move on to the meat of the game,

    Gameplay, sounds etc etc then the consumers make the choice to buy it or not.

    But regressions SJWs does the opposite, they focus more of the sexual stuff and very little of the gameplay.

    But a good example was the dead or alive 3 extreme calling in a sexual assault game that not even out for the west. As Koei cucked out.

    Also they give out low marks, that depends if it ecchi content.

    So can you trust any site that bais against a game?

    • VersVlees

      To be fair the kind of corruption Dunkey talks about has always been a thing. (the type of publishers and developers bringing bags of quatloos for high gaming scores and the tendency to form working relationships with each other). But hey deep down most of us knew this was a thing and you took gaming reviews with a grain of salt and at least the game reviewers were often gamers themselves.

      However, the kind of political bias SJW’s corruption where current year gaming websites collude with each other to spread an agenda is relatively new. It is because low grade gender/journalist graduates have been flooding the current year gaming websites as reviewers. It essentially a Eternal September except for gaming websites.
      Well if you are virtue signalling all day on twatter instead of playing and writing game reviews you end up with the current year gaming websites we have now. Also explains why they can’t play the games for shit (looking at you polygon Doom 2016 reviewer) and get triggered when there are sexy times in the chinese cartoon games.

      The worst thing is that these kind of SJW’s have also spread to the developer side and it not only the Indie scene but also the AAA. So they are now pushing their agenda’s in Western gaming. I know there are gaming companies who don’t care but you cannot deny there is a influence.

      I really wish those current year gaming websites would go the way of the Dodo but too bad the normies still visit them in such numbers that they can sustain themselves. Which makes you wonder why a normie would go to a gaming websites that writes more articles about muh feminism then actual games?

      • Alistair

        I agree there is a bigger picture then just censorship, gamergate was about journalistic ethics, it also linked to censorship.

        And it suppose to be by the game journo pro group of people that pushing a agenda.

        Antia pushing a agenda, I got no issues with having diversity into games. But having diversity and social justice for the just sake of it doesn’t sound like a free market to me.

        and I won’t support anyone, to purchase a game that is Censored to make them feel good about themselves.

        If I do buy a censored product it be really cheap or a pre-owned and the store get the money and not the Devs. Also I get the uncensored version online.

        And you right censorship doesn’t come about itself it needs influence from a source and that from pressure groups Regression SJWs from feminists male and females and websites and Devs like bioware are riddled with SJWs.

        And same Devs have colluded with journalists. As friends in high places.

        I remember the gamers are dead articles when GJP went to war against consumers. Who ever thought that was a good idea.

        Ask billy what was a GJP. Even better the deep freeze website tells you about the corrupt journalists know as GJP. And are Anti gamergate.

      • Mr.Towel

        ^ This

        This industry is tiny. There are lots of money involved but the number of influential people is small. It’s a prolific environment for corruption and has always been so. Nepotism and unofficial favors has always been hallmarks of such tiny industry/hobbyists, since the 80s. The internet only made it easier to see.

        But the difference between the corruption back then and the corruption now it’s that now there is a ideological factor to it. The collusion, the nepotism, all have been catalysed by political ideologies. They don’t even need to organize a corruption scheme anymore, the push for an ideological narrative naturally normalizes and synchronizes their behaviors, to the point it appears premeditated collusion, but it’s not, it’s simply the ideological collective unconscious making them all speak and act in the same way and help each other out simply by partaking in the same ideology.

        It’s the danger of political ideologies.

        • Disqusted

          When I was at game college, they emphasized that the industry is small and you’ll keep running into the same people over and over again, so you shouldn’t burn bridges, etc.

          You can tell it’s true from how the SJWs like to gang up and blacklist people.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    At least this casual trash did something good with his platform.

  • Waifu Engineering

    For what purpose is Twatter useful for besides virtue signalling? I live in a different time zone from most of the active userbase, so I have missed a lot of opportunities for circlejerking, since you have to be online when something is trending so you can hop onto the bandwagon. The only way now I can get retweets would be to tag some fucking bot, but then afterwards I feel even more lonely and isolated.

    • For what purpose is Twatter useful for besides virtue signalling?

      Feminists whining, crying and p*ssing their panties over anything they don’t like and bullying and lynch-mobbing people they dislike.

  • RichardGristle

    Just watched that video a second time and it’s even more hilarious now to imagine dozens and dozens of “professional” gaming “journalists” angrily heading to Twatter to seethe over all the truth bombs and try to SJWsplain their POV on the matter.

    • SJWsplain their POV on the matter.

      SJWsplain? I’m gonna steal that one for later use.

      • RichardGristle

        May many triggerings follow in your wake.

    • Dero

      They really should be more popular, considering their lofty positions, and these solo youtubers do it on their own and have huge followings for just their handles.

      Let the salt flow.

  • giygas

    I don’t care about Dunkey’s opinions so much that I’m going to whine about it repeatedly on Twatter. I sure don’t care about him. That fucking oppressive shitlord!

  • Hawk Hopper

    You can tell your job is fucking useless when you and every other idiot compares everything to the same thing. Not everything is Dark Souls, especially not games made long before Dark Souls.

    Example: Crash is Dark Souls of lazily thought out 90s 3D platformers. (Naughty Dog devs spent months jizzing up their small office to thoughts of “Sonic’s ass” way before the fanfic community got hold of Sanic’s womb)

    Speaking of jerking off Sonic:

    “There has never been a good Sonic game”

    Are you fucking retarded? There were Sonic games before and after Sonic 2006. Bother to play any of them? Ever play the GBA port of the original Sonic? Play that piece of shit and then talk to me about the quality of Sanic.

    Game journos think because everything in their limited world is “worthy” or 7s, 8s, 9s, or –with enough Activision hooker blow jobs– 10/10 scores, that they deserve passing grades all across the board. Most games are boring as hell and not worth the time or money. Game critics or journos or whatever are only amusing when they’re trying to put on a snarky face underneath all those tears.

    Keep crying about dunkey. “I used to like dunkey” “Youtubers don’t understand criticism” “IGN isn’t shit *sigh*”

    Get fucked.

    • Disqusted

      Reminds me of when I was studying game design, the lecturer said we should never describe our game by comparing to other games. For obvious reasons.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how Kingdoms of Amalur promoted their concept to shareholders, though.

      • Phasmatis75

        Owe have I got a funny story about that game. One of the top articles a website I used to write for was about how we called them out on their 200 hours in 8 days bs line. (And accurately took 8 days and figured the average work hours to accurately guess the games real length). It was so bad because every website ran that article about how long the game would be based on EA’s account.

        Until I did some basic math and was like: There is only 192 hours in 8 days. Lesson learned from this, Screencap everything they will change it.

  • LG

    And here I thought they were all bout that Diversity and Equality. Guess only certain people they meant. Fuckin’ twits.

    • SJW “diversity” and “equality” = everyone except heterosexual Caucasian males.

      • UndrState

        You forgot CIS , you TRANSPHOBE!!!

  • mikebrand83

    Me as a teenager: I wish I could play and review games with one of these gaming publications for a living, how cool is that?

    Me as a adult: Thank god I never became one of these joyless drones pretending to be a gamer.

    • RichardGristle

      LOL so true. It seems like you gotta be one dysfunctional dude to “make it” at a company like IGN.

    • UndrState

      Then again, maybe you might’ve brought more integrity to it all . Don’t see yourself short. Clean your room .