Ghost Of A Tale, RPG Adventure Enters Xbox Game Preview Program
Ghost of a Tale

One of the games currently in Early Access over on Steam is SeithCG’s Ghost of a Tale. You would never guess that it’s an indie-made game on a small budget. It looks like a marvelous, animated painting come to life. Well, Ghost of a Tale is now on the Xbox One, so for those of you with Microsoft’s console in your possession, you can take a look at the painting-like gameplay featuring the mouse on a mission thanks to the Game Preview program.

A trailer was recently rolled out for Ghost of a Tale, highlighting some of the more memorable locations you’ll visit throughout the adventure, and some of the armor you’ll gather and characters you’ll meet (many of whom are of the rodent kind).

You can check out the Xbox One Game Preview launch trailer below showcasing the game in action.

Some of the people in the comment section were asking about the gameplay, trying to figure out where it was. Well, you were looking at it. It’s a stealth-adventure game with some role-playing elements thrown in, and a large part of the game centers around hiding from the rat guards, stealing items and moving briskly through some dank dungeons.

The actual game looks like one big cinematic thanks to the high quality visuals and high fidelity character designs and animations.

There’s no denying that the level of detail and intricacies put into the construction of the environments and the behaviorism of the characters really stand out.

One of my only criticisms is that despite the designs being of the utmost highest quality and the graphics being top notch, there was somewhat of a color blending issue where it seemed like the characters and backgrounds had too little contrast from each other. While it looks great as a painting of sorts, it does make it a little difficult to distinguish things at times.

Nevertheless, that’s a minor gripe to an otherwise charming little role-playing stealth game where a small mouse ends up going on a pretty epic adventure.

Ghost of a Tale is available right now in the Xbox Game Preview program, but if you would prefer to get it on PC it’s still in Early access over on the Steam store $19.99.


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