Hello Neighbor Playable Beta Now Available On Steam

Publisher TinyBuild and developer Dynamic Pixels have released a very short trailer in part to promote Hello Neighbor’s newly playable beta that is now available via Steam. The horror-stealth game is set to release complete for PC and Xbox One on August 29th.

If you don’t know, Hello Neighbor is a horror-stealth game that pits the player up against a strange and mysterious neighbor, in which the player’s job is to find out the truth about the neighbor and what is going on in the depths of his basement.

For the longest, the devs had the game in an alpha state to make sure that most, if not everything, could be addressed, whether it was a glitch or graphical problem that halted a player from progressing forward in the neighbor’s house. As of now, the devs released the Beta build for gamers to play that adds a little more to the base game.

“That’s right, folks! The beta is out now. Go ahead and update your Steam item titled “Hello Neighbor Alpha Access”. If you haven’t done so, pre-purchase the game to get in on the pre-release action”

The Beta build is not free and, much like the notice by the devs as seen above, calls for players to pre-order the game to participate in the following event.

Furthermore, TinyBuild took to its YouTube channel known as TinyBuildGAMES to showcase a short teaser trailer that I’m sure keen-eyed fans will find some sort of Easter-egg or clue hidden throughout the five second long video.

Beneath the video on Hello Neighbor’s Steam page reveals that the Beta brings a new update to the house — changing the design slightly from the alpha 4 version — whilst improving the AI and offering a new intro sequence.

Hello Neighbor is set release for PC and Xbox One on August 29th. For more information on this game you can head on over to helloneighborgame.com.


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