Hidden Dragon: Legend, 2.5D Fighting Game Coming To PS4 This August

Oasis Games has revealed a new game by developer MegaFun Games that goes by the name of Hidden Dragon: Legend. The reveal comes in along with a video trailer that showcases a new 2.5D hack-and-slash game that is set to launch for PS4 sometime this August.

If you are the type of gamer that minds none-polished animations during cinematic sequences and an indie feel to a game’s overall atmosphere, then Hidden Dragon: Legend is a game that is not for you and is worth passing. Looking over to folks who cherish 2.5D hack-and-slash combat, combo linking, and an adventure filled with puzzles and challenging boss fights, Hidden Dragon: Legend might be a game worth keeping an eye on.

Catching wind from publication site Gematsu, the video trailer for Hidden Dragon: Legend sits below for your viewing pleasure.

The hack-and-slash game is powered by the Unreal Engine 4 in an attempt to tell a story set in a 2.5D Imperial Chinese world mixed with fantasy elements. Looking over to the story of Hidden Dragon: Legend, competing factions strive to gain access to a powerful object named the “Dragon Cauldron”. This powerful object grants inhuman powers at the cost of sanity and reason, so the protagonist finds he has been put under the spell of the Dragon Cauldron by a dark faction, setting him up as a mere puppet forced to kill, he sets out to settle the score.

As for gameplay features, Hidden Dragon: Legend allows players to use a list of skills in combat, swimming, jumping and during puzzles to navigate and overcome tough passages and formidable enemies.

No exact release date has been set as of this moment, but the hack-and-slash game is slated to release sometime this August for PS4 via the PlayStation Store. Additionally, the game will run for $19.99, which more info can be found over on its official website.


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