Hidden Dragon Legend, 2.5D Martial Arts Metroidvania Coming To PS4 In August
Hidden Dragon Legend

Oasis Games announced that a 2.5D action-platformer called Hidden Dragon Legend is set to release this August for the PlayStation 4. The game features action-oriented gameplay along with some light puzzle-solving. Oasis has described the game as a martial arts Metroidvania.

The Unreal Engine 4-powered game sees players traveling through ancient China, where players will upgrade their character battling through enemies, filling out a skill tree, and attempting to defeat China’s imperial forces using acrobatics and a customizable fighting style to progress through the game.

Alen Wu, the business director at Oasis Games, commented about the game being a budget-priced game with high-quality gameplay…

“Hiddden Dragon Legend transports players to ancient China for thrilling combat, deadly enemies, challenging puzzles and a surprising amount of depth,” “With a player-friendly price and intensely fun gameplay, the title offers action fans a great combination of entertainment and value.”

You can see what the gameplay looks like in action with the trailer below.

Mega Fun Games’ Hidden Dragon Legend reminds me a lot of the other beat-’em-up martial arts title, Kung Fu Strike and Armed With Wings. Players will use both weapons and hand-to-hand combos to take out foes.

The mix of melee attacks and being able to utilize things such as throwing knives and special attacks gives the game the typical varied amount of arsenal that can be utilized to keep the action fresh and entertaining.

I’m surprised at how smooth the gameplay is, and it looks like the sort of game that could be a decent buy for $19.99 when the game launches this August. According to the press release the game is about 10 hours long in length, so it’s a decent amount of gameplay for the price. The only question is if the quality of the gameplay will match the amount of hours required to complete it.


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