Interstellar Transport Company Set To Hit Steam On August 16th

If you are into tycoon-type games that see you, the player, managing resources and other goods to keep a person, place or thing going, indie publisher and developer MT Worlds has a game for you. Entitled Interstellar Transport Company, the space simulator is set to hit PC via Steam on August 16th.

Space games can explore a wide variety of situations given the vast amount of room provided, and if we were to throw in a tycoon theme to a space simulator players would have more than enough stuff to indulge in. Well, MT Worlds seeks to do just that with its latest game Interstellar Transport Company.

“Build a galactic transportation empire and supply humanity with with everything it needs to colonize the stars. In this tycoon game, grow your company from a local transport agency into an interstellar logistics behemoth! Singleplayer, vs AI, and online (ranked and casual) multiplayer.”

Players will be tasked to help humankind to travel across the galaxy by managing resource routes, supply chains, and other important necessities to grow a proper colony around and on different celestial bodies.

The game calls for proper balance to overcome financial problems, dangerous epidemics, and other obstacles by using a highly sophisticated and complex system to execute simple and detailed plans. If overhead work is something that you fancy, the trailer showing Interstellar Transport Company sits below, although I’m not sure if the music is fits.

The game features a “scientifically grounded galaxy generator” that produces challenging yet believable experiences, although I’m not sure how legit the system will be in practice. The choice of playing with 1 to 300 star systems in custom game mode is all the more up to players to discover, as well as predefined game settings.

Lastly, the game can be played solo, against AIs or with other players online. However, if co-op is your thing you can play and team up with AIs or other players, too.

Interstellar Transport Company is set to release for PC via Steam Early Access on August 16th.


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