Iron Tides, Turn-Based Norse Strategy Game Enters Early Access On Steam

Iron Tides

Crash Wave Games’ single-player strategy title, Iron Tides, has officially entered into Early Access on Steam. The game hearkens back to the days of discovery and pillaging as you command a group of vikings who managed to survive the wrath of the gods and must journey through a dangerous sea as you attempt to find a new place for your travelers to call a home.

Players will attempt to build up their party, journey across the ocean and fight off other tribes, prevent pirates from commandeering your ride, and attempt to wrangle in merchants along the way.

Iron Tides’ selling point isn’t just in the turn-based strategy but in the non-linear narrative structure that players can build up through their own actions and decisions. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The game utilizes the Western-style of SD designs for the characters and aesthetics. This would likely make it appealing to little kids interested in a Norse turn-based strategy game.

For the Early Access version of the game the developers note that they have over 10 hours of gameplay and that they’re currently aiming to add in new battlefields, new encounters, new enemy factions, new characters and added rogue-like depth to increase the overall gameplay experience.

The Kickstarted game will feature in total over 100 different unit battlefields to fight across, a campaign mode that will total up to around 15 hours of gameplay, a procedurally generated sea area for adventure and traversal, five different characters each with their own skillset, and even a level editor so you can build your own maps and share them with friends.

The game is currently available over on the Steam store for $14.99. There’s a 15% discount for the first week of its availability so you can get it for $12.74. The price will raise slightly higher when the full version is released, and Crash Wave Games is expecting to launch during the winter of 2017 or at least during the early first half of 2018.

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