It Trailer Tries Hard To Make Pennywise Look Scary
It Trailer (2017)

A new trailer for Stephen King’s It found its way online recently. It covers more of the movie’s story and the dreadfully surly Pennywise, all within the span of two and a half minutes.

The trailer was posted up by IGN, and you can check it out below.

The second trailer is definitely put together a lot better than the first trailer. “Less is more “is the maxim this movie needs to abide by, and so far the second trailer really seems to be adopting that rule in the right ways.

The first trailer gave us way too much Pennywise, and it was overkill. The second trailer only gives us glimpses and pieces of the killer clown without showing all of him, which is the proper way to do it. That clip with the room full of clown dolls is also creepy as funk.


However, the ending clip of Pennywise jumping off the desk and hounding down that nerdy kid with the glasses looks pretty cheap. Everything leading up to it was well done.

I also like the whole undercurrent theme that something is ruining the lives of kids but the town won’t do anything about it. First thing that came to mind was #Pizzagate.

Anyway, the cinematography and the color grading gives me a late 1970s and early 1980s vibe. The director really seems to be trying to rekindle the old-school kid horror film theme that was so prevalent back during the era of excess, with moves like Invaders From Mars, Monster Squad, The Gate and Critters.

I’m not really nay or yay for this iteration of It. It looks like it could be less campy than the original that starred John Ritter, but it could very well could end up being a slogfest. You can look for It to hit theaters on September 8th.


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