Killing Floor 2 Coming To Xbox One August 29th; Supports 4K On Xbox One X
Killing Floor 2

Tripwire Interactive announced that their multiplayer, wave-based, first-person zombie shooter, Killing Floor 2, will finally make its way onto Microsoft’s Xbox One home console starting August 29th.

Killing Floor 2 has been out on PC since November back in 2016. It was out even longer than that if you count the time it spent in the troughs of Early Access, feeding on community feedback and etching a path through the maze of development toward a full release.

Tripwire also managed to release a version of the wave-based shooter on the PlayStation 4, with both the PC and PS4 versions being available right now.

So what incentive does Xbox One fans have to hop back into the game after it’s been out and about for years? Well, according to the press release, Tripwire has teamed up with Deep Silver and Iceberg Interactive in order to roll out a physical rendition of the game, and it will come jam packed with all of the previously released DLC, including the Tropical Bash, Descent, and The Summer Sideshow, all for under $40.

Xbox One owners will also receive exclusive contnet, including the new liquid nitrogen effect from the Freezethrower weapon, and eight brand new weapon skins for the Freezethrower.

Xbox One X users will receive some bonuses in the form of higher resolution textures with anisotropic filtering, improved shadow maps and increased shadow level of detail for fade-out in the distance. The press release also mentions that Killing Floor 2 will support 4K resolutions, but they don’t say if it will be checkerboarded or native 4K.

Now if you’re bummed about the exclusivity thing when it comes to the content, don’t be. There’s an asterisk in the press release indicating that the exclusive Xbox One X content will arrive on PS4 and PC at a later date and that the content is only a timed exclusive.


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