Last Day Of June, Love Story Time-Loop Game Releases August 31st
The Last Day of June

Italian development studio Ovosonico has been working and toiling away at their game The Last Day of June. The title is a unique mixture of event-driven storytelling and emotional puzzle-solving, and it’s scheduled to release on the PlayStation 4 and Steam starting August 31st, 2017.

The director and writer, Massimo Guarini, mentioned during the E3 press rounds that he designed the title as a way to attract people who aren’t typically gamers. The idea is that a lot of people might not be particularly fond of the traditional game mechanic setup and he thought that he could entice people to try out The Last Day of June if he presented more so as an emotional story about the love and loss that Carl suffers during June’s last day on the planet.

Guarini didn’t really explain how he intends to attract non-gamers to a project like Last Day of June given that one of the big things that keeps a lot of casuals out of experimental games like this is the fact that they don’t know that it exists and most don’t really care. In many cases casuals are introduced to games through core gamers, which has been a common trait of Nintendo titles or other zen-like games such as Journey from thatgamecompany.

Nevertheless, a new trailer was released for Last Day of June that showcases a bit more gameplay and a look into the time-manipulation that takes place where players will attempt to make decisions to alter the last day of June’s life. You can check it out below.

The trailer features some of the time altering segments in the game, where we see Carl attempting to go back to make changes in order to save June.

Some of the events seem to include playing Carl as a young kid, throwing objects and shooting rifles at trees.

We see some other more mundane events that appear to help connect the dots on how Carl and June met or how their relationship developed.

It’s tough to get a gauge on the gameplay and just how much of it will be present versus how much will be players watching events unfold on screen.

As the game nears its release at the end of next month we’ll likely get a better idea of what they have in store.

Also, if you’re interested in the song “Pariah” that plays in the trailer, featuring Ninet Tayeb, you can learn more about the album that the song will be featured on by visiting the official Steven Wilson HQ website. The album will be released next month on August 18th.


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