Legends Of Ellaria Launch Trailer Covers RTS, RPG, FPS, Sandbox Gameplay
Legends of Ellaria

Larkon Studio’s Legends of Ellaria is a game that tries to dabble in a little bit of everything. It takes a slice of real-time strategy, a pinch of first-person combat, a smidgen of role-playing, and a layer of sandbox gameplay to create a large-scale multi-genre gameplay experience.

In preparation for its EA launch on July 28th at the end of this month, Larkon unleashed the game’s Early Access launch trailer featuring some of the gameplay and the core concepts that they plan to implement into the game and further develop during its Early Access run. You can check it out below.

The first minute of the trailer is actually really engaging. It starts by explaining the premise of why you have to go build up some homes and force people to make some babies in a new land, and then it shows you all the good stuff that comes after.

Basically, you start like a city management game – you use your resources to build up a town for your people, and provide them with the necessary means to sustain themselves. From there you build up your armies, make sure you have the necessary weapons, and then you explore further into the land, fighting any and everything you encounter.

Along the way you’ll also have to face off against other towns, other regions, and even otherworldly forces.

After the minute mark we begin to see more of the medieval-fantasy elements come into play, where lots of undead warriors attack players, spider-squid monsters need slaying, and magic rock golems attempt to subdue the player with magic.

I hate to draw comparisons to it, but I must… the game seems a lot like The Elder Scrolls but with an RTS sandbox element tossed in for good measure.

Some of the environments you can explore actually look quite unique, and the town management segment could really add some depth and layer and a bit of a diversion from the typical hack-and-grind RPG elements.

If Larkon Studio handles the development of Legends of Ellaria right proper, it could end up easily gaining a strong following.

They have plans on keeping the game in Early Access for about a year, and then they’ll release it in full. They still have to finish the kingdom management, espionage, diplomacy, story missions, maps, character creation, RPG leveling system, tech tree and the ability to hop into and control any character who is a resident of your kingdom.

You can learn more about Legends of Ellaria by visiting the Steam store page, or you can look for the game to enter into Early Access on July 28th at the end of the month.


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