Lightfield, Sci-Fi Racer For PS4, Xbox One Features Wall-Riding And Parkour

A hyper-futuristic, omni-directional, science fiction racing game from Lost In The Garden called Lightfield is set to come out for Xbox One and PS4. The 3D racing title will also be on display at this year’s GamesCom in August, taking place in Cologne, Germany.

The developers recently sent out a five minute clip featuring some of the gameplay mechanics and its unique twist on allowing players to ride on walls and perform some gravity-defying tricks in order to stay one pace ahead of the competition. You can check out the trailer below.

So first of all, the game attempts to hit players with a more minimalist look compared to some artistically overwrought games out there on the market. It’s not so minimal that it looks hipster, but it’s minimal enough insofar that it refrains overloading the player with too much visual noise.

The other thing that absolutely stands out is the fact that checkpoints aren’t in a single, static, absolute position. Depending on where and how you move around the multi-directional track surfaces depends on where you can pass through the checkpoint. We see that it’s possible to ride up along the walls, ride on top of the structures, ride on the side of surfaces, and generally make your way around the track in unconventional ways.

So you’re probably asking, “Where does the whole parkour thing come into play?” Well, I’m glad you asked. As evident through the early goings of the trailer, there are platforming segments where you’ll need to hop off of the objects in order to get reach various areas. It requires a bit of precision, timing and foresight as you attempt to think ahead while making the jumps.

Those of you who may have been playing Trackmania Turbo or Distance in recent months will likely see a lot of similarities in Lightfield. It also reminds me a little bit of Krautscape with its gravity-defying elements.

Even still, the wall-hopping and riding on the perpendicular surfaces really opens the game up for a lot of different possibilities.

I imagine if you’re a fan of Distance you’ll be right at home with Lightfield when it launches on the PS4 and Xbox One.


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