Little Witch Academia: Chamber Of Time Receives New Gameplay Footage

Bandai Namco has announced new information about APlus Games’ Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time that details characters, gameplay footage, cover art and much more. Chamber of Time is set to debut for PS4 in Japan on November 30th, and for PC and PS4 in the West sometime in early 2018.

Fans of the Little Witch Academia franchise will likely find an interest in the latest news that Bandai Namco published regarding APlus Games and its latest video game adaption of said series known as Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time.

First up comes two new videos that showcase playable characters Amanda O’Neill (VA Arisa Shida), Constanze Albrechtsberger (VA Rie Murakawa), and Jasminka Antonenko, which accompany existing characters that were previously announced such as Akko Kagari, Lotte Yanson, and Sucy Manbavaran.

If you want to jump straight in and see a glimpse of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time ahead of its official release, two videos by Bandai Namco’s 876TV YouTube channel that stand as a teaser trailer and a live stream gameplay video can be seen below

Additionally, the video showing somewhere around 15 minutes of gameplay footage can be seen here with active timestamps.

  • 2:48:35 to 2:54:49 – Dungeon exploration gameplay
  • 2:56:06 to 3:00:51 – Gameplay showing characters
  • 3:01:52 to 3:06:07 – Talking and traveling gameplay

If the two videos aren’t enough for you, during the live stream, the box art illustration is also up for you to look over. It is painted by Yukiko Kakita and illustrated by Shuhei Handa, which the background is by Bihou.

It’s also worth noting that at the end of the live stream event surrounding Chamber of Time, producer Yosuke Futami confirmed that players will be able to explore nearly all of Luna Nova Magical Academy. Futami went on to say that almost every student of the school will make an appearance in the upcoming game, including over 40 characters that appear in the anime.

Lastly, if you want even more Little Witch Academia news, Bandai Namco announced that every month a new “Little Witch Academia Anime and Game” will be broadcast leading up to the game’s official release in Japan, which the next event is set for August 20th.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time will release for PS4 in Japan on November 30th, and for PC and PS4 in the West in early 2018.


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