Machine World 2, Physics-Based Vehicle Game To Hit Steam July 28th

Machine World 2 brings physics-based world deformation to the gaming sphere, except in a vehicular way. Water, air, and land vehicles will be present in Trino AB and Trino Games’ second Machine World game, and the title itself is set to release for PC come July 28th.

If you are into sailing physics-based water on boats, flying through the air with real-time wind and weather, and traversing ground that can be deformed at any time, Machine World 2 is a game worth keeping an eye.

One of the things that may detour gamers from Machine World 2 is the indie-like graphics, but I’m sure if the game sports good gameplay all of the visuals will be something that one can ignore. Speaking of gameplay, traveling procedural generated worlds affected by “real-world” erosion and using 16 plus vehicles to travel various Earth-like realms will be present in the game.

In addition to the above, content like constructing parts and materials, including lighting, windows, doors, etc,. will be in the game as well, and during the Early Access phase (which is tomorrow as of this writing) the game will feature actual furniture for decorating void spaces.

The latest trailer for gamers to look over that TrinoGames posted to its YouTube channel revealing Machine World 2, showcases all three elements (water, air, and land) in action.

If this game supports modding and fan made mods to alter the game on an individual level, I could see this game going far. Seeing that the whole point behind this game is to establish oneself across different terrains using vehicles to then furnish a place to call home, it’ll be interesting to see what players will be able to do when it reaches its final state.

Gamers who are curious about Machine World 2 can hit up its Steam Early Access page or main website.


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