Matt Furie Wants To Stop The Internet From Using Pepe As “Hate Speech”
(Last Updated On: July 21, 2017)

It’s another sad day for our green meme friend Pepe. The creator, Matt Furie, wants to stop the Internet from using the green frog as “hate speech” and other things that trigger people by starting a Kickstarter campaign that will see the “revival” of a family friendly Pepe, while Furie works with a lawyer to protect the character after he re-debuts.

Catching wind from publication site cuck-net or Cnet‘s most recent article, the creator of Pepe or Matt Furie, wants to bring the pot-and-pizza-loving life of Pepe back by using a Kickstarter campaign to reclaim his status as “a universal symbol for peace, love and acceptance.” Already the Kickstarter campaign, which started on June 26th, has pulled in its $10,000 goal and only has 10 days left (as of this writing) before it ends.

Furthermore, Furie noted that he lost licensing deals as the “brouhaha” over Pepe rose in the past, and now he is working with a lawyer to protect the character after he re-debuts Pepe. Additionally, Furie doesn’t want the Internet modifying his work for “hateful purposes.”

One of the many reasons why Furie is pushing to “clean up Pepe’s image” is due to the Anti-Defamation League doing a piss poor job of researching the matter revolving around Pepe the frog and listed the imaginary character in the database of “hate symbols,” placing the cartoon frog on the same page as the SS Lightning bolts and the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NDA) or National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NAZI).

According to the site, after the  ADL listed Pepe as a hate symbol due to his depiction by others and not by the creator, Furie’s editor, Eric Reynolds of Fantagraphics Books, said the character’s hijacking had been something difficult for the artist to deal with. Reynolds also said that it was really hard on Furie after what the ADL had done and thought that he would always be associated with a hate symbol.

You can read what Furie wants to do with Pepe as of this moment via the Kickstarter campaign page, as listed below.

“Before Pepe the Frog was a meme designated a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League, he began his life as a blissfully stoned frog in my comic book Boy’s Club where he enjoyed a simple life of snacks, soda and pulling his pants all the way down to go pee. Boy’s Club debuted in 2006, Pepe became a meme around 2010, then stuck around the internet long enough to become an institutionally recognized hate mascot. Needless to say it’s a nightmare so I killed him off. But now I’d like to bring him back, and I’d like to ask your help in funding a new zine celebrating a resurrected Pepe, one that shall shine a light in all this darkness and feel good again.”

Seeing that they, the ADL, screwed up, the group backtracked and removed Pepe from the database of hate symbols due to Furie requesting that they pull it due to his copyright-protection, which should have been reviewed before the ADL made their juvenile move.

Although it would seem like Furie would be more mad at the ADL for doing a bad job, instead he is now working with the group and started the hashtag (featured on the Kickstarter page) #SavePepe. It seems that he is more disturbed by everyday people than the ADL, which is present in an interview that Cnet picked up:

“There’s something about interacting with a screen rather than actual humans in a room that’s really dehumanizing,” Furie said in an interview. “There is something about the anonymity of the internet that gives people the ability to express these darker interests.”

Something I want to say about this whole thing is that just because a group of people or individuals use your work (or in this case a fictional character) to bolster a purpose or plan, it doesn’t mean that that is what the character actually represents. In other words, keep doing what you like to do whether it be drawing or whatever, don’t let other people’s perception block your creative ability.

Lastly, what does this all mean? Well, seeing that Furie is working with a lawyer to protect the character after he re-debuts, it could mean censorship going abroad openly or secretly when the #SavePepe Kickstarter campaign ends surrounding the use of Pepe on the Interwebs, much like on Furie’s Kickstarter campaign that sees “specific” comments disappearing.

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  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    What did you expected from a Hilary supporter?

  • Disqusted

    Not sure what to say. It’s like he’s mentally two years old or something. “This is the guy the mainstream is looking out for when they censor everything” comes to mind.

  • Alistair

    Marty boy you did it as a joke for ten years, you fool others like Antia and co as a white supremacist mascot.

    Now this that makes you a hypocrite.

  • durka durka

    How is he gonna stop the internet from using it? HOW?

    • He could go Alex Mauer on people… DMCA’ing and copyright striking everybody and every site in existence.

    • Warscent

      Maybe CNN will hire him.

      • He hasn’t raped any kids or doxed any teenagers. CNN won’t touch him.

      • He hasn’t raped any kids or doxed any teenagers. CNN won’t touch him.

  • Nardbar

    I think oneangrygamer would be better served if you just stuck to reporting on the facts as they were, since they are already obviously ridiculous, instead of resorting to calling other sites “cuck-net” and injecting too much opinion in the pieces. I believe Heat Street is a relatively good model to look to in that regard. I still enjoy oneangrygamer, but this is a criticism I’ve been thinking about a lot, more recently.

    • durka durka

      Oh come on, its so fucking accurate,

      • Nardbar

        I’d prefer having a more legitimate source in oneangrygamer that I can link to people who may not be as in the know on such matters. Instead, they see things like “cuck-net” and immediately doubt the veracity or angle of the piece/website. There are not very many websites, or at least very many good websites, like oneangrygamer, that put SJW and gaming hypocrisy on display. I’d prefer if instead, the facts just spoke for themselves, because it’s all you need to see the ridiculousness of PC culture.

        Attacking other sites with name calling and such just cheapens this site, in my opinion. If you want to attack cnet, do what Billy D frequently does and link to another article detailing a recent factual cnet blunder, rather than name call. Or just cite them without attacking them at all if a lot of time has passed since their last misstep.

        • Mr.Towel

          You probably don’t know Billy for long enough yet. You should see the innuendos and crazy comparisons he would come up for Microsoft at the height of Xbox One launch. It was savage.

          He does try to keep more neutral and academic about the whole thing, and he does a job much better at that than most, he never forgets the hard data, but personally, his writing would be flavorless dull boredom without this such things. If the facts alone were enough to change minds truth would be universal but it’s not. A little rhetoric seasoning goes a long way in setting the tone. Usually when he goes for that he even makes the shitposting its own data link to prove he is not being unreasonable.

          I think if you want someone to truly and sincerely change their minds and views about something they have to be over the bitching-about-phrasing phase. The focus needs to be on the meaning, not the grammar.

          • Nardbar

            I agree with pretty much all that you said about Billy D, but I don’t feel that Ethan writes the same way. I don’t want to be too negative because overall I still like his writing, but I feel he could improve a bit in the ways I mentioned in a previous post.

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      Did your feelings got hurt?

      • Nardbar

        No, not at all. cnet is undeniably garbage. But that has nothing to do with what I wrote.

        • ThyPancakeConsumed

          From what you wrote previously, i detected hurt feelings. My detectors needs upgrading i guess.

        • ThyPancakeConsumed

          From what you wrote previously, i detected hurt feelings. My detectors needs upgrading i guess.

    • Cinj

      Is this satire?

    • Disqusted

      I sorta agree, but at the same time, I don’t really care. Nothing any of us can say or do comes close to the heavily biased bullshit the mainstream vomits out everywhere on an hourly basis.

  • A bit late for that, eh?
    From comic figure drawn by a possible pedophile and furry to the internationally recognized icon of the political right, Pepe shows us that the american dream is well and alive even today.

  • s_fnx

    Typical of SJWs trying to censor free speech.

  • Kyle Haddad

    If matt wants to stop Pepe from being a “white supremacist” symbol. Then all he need to do is say that it isn’t and move the fuck on. All this cringe worthy shit needs to stop matt.

  • Furie seriously wants to censor people for expressing their Fair Use rights? How about go fuck yourself, Matty boy, while I admire my Pepe collection?

  • mikebrand83

    “Streisand Effect? What’s that?” -Matt Furie, apparently

  • ParasiteX

    Hahahhahaha… Good luck with that Furie… Pepe has taken on a life on it’s own. And he can try and reeeeeeeee-debut it all he wants to no avail. Praise Kek.

  • John27