Metroid: Samus Returns SDCC Video Demonstrates Lightning Armor, Melee Counters
Metroid Samus Returns

A new 15 minute video was posted up over on IGN, giving gamers a few more details about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title, as well as a look at some of Samus’ moves and abilities that she can unleash throughout the game.

Nintendo Treehouse’s Demetrius Boggs joined Drian Altano and Daemon Hatfield at the studio in order to talk about Metroid: Samus Returns for the Nintendo 3DS, along with showcasing some of the game content.

Right at the start of the gameplay demonstration we see Samus turning into the spider morph-ball and scaling up the side of the wall. She’s not completely defenseless in this position, donning the ability to place down charges and destroy enemies who are in her way.

Boggs quickly recaps that Samus’ new melee arc attack is something gamers can utilize when baddies get too close to the galactic bounty hunter.

From there we see a mini-boss fight against a turtle-like alien creature that can only be harmed when he pops out of his shell. In order to get him out of his shell you’ll have to use the ground bombs to trip up the mini-boss.

The remake of the old Gameboy title sees Samus hunting down and eradicating the Metroid menace. In the bottom right hand corner of the second screen of the 3DS (or 2DS) there’s a counter showing how many Metroids you have left to hunt down and kill. The Metroid meter also begins to flash and turn red the closer you get to the Metroid.

They also explain how the lightning armor allows for players to unleash a special melee attack, but it drains Samus’ ion meter.

They also showcase one of the new Gamma Metroid bosses, which is an upgraded version of the Metroid.

One of the ways to retrieve health during boss encounters is using a well-timed melee counter attack, which can be used against the bosses, mini-bosses and sub-bosses.

Metroid: Samus Returns is due for release on the Nintendo 3DS starting September 15th later this year.


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