Microsoft Claims The Xbox One X Will Feel Like A Premium PC Experience

In a recent interview that touches on the topic of the Xbox One X catching up to PCs and feeling like a “premium PC experience overall”, the head of Xbox Operations details more about the hardware and what the console will offer gamers and developers when it releases this year.

Trying to hold back my laugh while reading the interview between MCVUK and head of Xbox Operations Dave McCarthy, there’s news from GameRant that Microsoft will provide a console that will challenge PCs thanks to the specs of the Xbox One X. McCarthy noted that customers that want the best of the best only had the PC space, but until now have the same opportunity in the console space.

Moreover, the interview reveals that McCarthy believes that the Xbox One X will bring an overall “premium PC experience” as noted below:

We’re all about the developer choice there overall. Different developers are going to choose to do different things for different game formats. But the good news is that the Xbox One SDK that everyone writes to will be able to handle that variation. You don’t need a unique version for Xbox One X. It’s just going to know if I’m running a One X, will take advantage of it and going to feel like a premium PC experience overall.

According GameRant, the site notes that the company wanted this “premium PC experience” to be a visual part of console gaming. Additionally, the Xbox One X is said to give gamers a chance to experience impressive graphics and frame-rates, whilst providing the best of the best options that is mainly found in the PC space:

The way we look at it, choice feels like the right principle right now. There are consumers that really want to balance price against capabilities. But there will always be customers in your segment of gamers that want the best of the best, and I think that up until now the PC space was really the only place they could go to get that. They now have the ability to get that in the console space.”

The topic regarding the Xbox One X creeping up to rival PCs and providing a “premium experience” has a lot people debating at this very moment about consoles and PCs, while the actual testament of the Xbox One X’s capabilities and how well it will perform in consumers’ hands will be rendered this Fall.

With that said, what do you think of the Xbox One X attempting to feel like a premium PC?

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